5 Content Ideas for Your Blog That Will Increase Visits


One of the main allies within a Digital Marketing strategy is content, and a blog is the perfect site to encourage it.

This page within your site is where you’ll share information and content where you have experience and knowledge.


In addition, in this space you can strategically apply Inbound Marketing to attract your target audience and generate conversions. 

Maybe you’ve already run out of ideas to attract new ones, and more, visits to your site. If so, I invite you to continue reading because here I leave you 5 content ideas that will increase the traffic on your website.

5 Blog Content Ideas

1. Lists

Content that never fails within blogs is lists. Listing strategies, features, shapes or tips is a foolproof bait for your site. 

As you may have noticed, I used this resource in my article today. I love it and I find it very effective and easy to generate the content.

And in my experience putting together blogs for customers, or for the companies I’ve worked for, this type of content is the one that has the most visits and conversions. 

One of the benefits of lists is that it allows you to be well concise with information and, visually, it’s much easier content to digest. 

2. Tutorials

Who has not ever sought help on the Internet to solve any problems or situations that arise? I plead guilty!

One of the benefits of the digital world is that there is a vast and profound sea of information to be consumed. 

Tutorials are often very engaging content for almost any audience, so it’s a resource that all companies can use. 

Here it is important that you do not forget several details:

Make sure the content addresses the concern of the one who consumes your content.

Focus on being as explicit as possible so the reader doesn’t go to another page to get help.

Lean on dynamic material like videos or infographics to make your content more engaging. 

3. Storytelling

One of my favorite content. Storytelling is a resource that helps you connect the other, so its effectiveness is evident.

“Telling stories is a resource that helps you connect the other”

To be able to make blog post that increases visits to your site, the first step is to get to know your audience in depth. 

You can write some wonderful stories, but if they don’t point to your audience’s needs and tastes, then the effort is lost. 

Make sure you know what your audience likes and, once you have it, go on the adventure of using storytelling as a resource to attract more visits to your site.

4. Success Stories

Use or success stories are forms of content that will have a very positive impact on your audience. 

Knowing each other’s user experience encourages sales for your business and positions you in a place few manage to be. 

You can be a genius selling your product or service, investing heavily in advertising, having influencers, and more. 

But there is no more effective advertising than that of a customer talking well about their experience with your product or service. 

“But there is no more effective advertising than that of a customer speaking well of their experience with your product or service”.

So if you have customers who are willing to tell their story, give them a space on your site and you’ll see the results in the short term. 

5. Reviews

Reviews are a must in the digital world. They have become very popular in video format for platforms like YouTube. 

However, the items are also very attractive to all those who are looking for information based on a product or service they want to purchase.

This type of content focuses on talking about a product, its characteristics, operation, pros and cons. 

We know that today’s customer has changed and their purchase decision is very influenceable by this type of content that can determine eternal love for a product or hate to death. 

So if this type of content is applicable to your business model or audience type, I openly recommend it. I’m sure it’ll help you increase visits on your site. 

Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Site

Before I say goodbye, I’d like to leave you some last tips that have helped me significantly increase visits to the sites I manage. 

Pay Attention to the Title

Titles are very important! They’re like the thing in the email. This can determine whether or not a person opens your item. 

It must be flashy, attractive and curious. Wake up the reader’s desire to make that much-desired click on your content. 

You can use numbers, comparisons, statistics, lists and a lot of creativity to achieve the right title for your post. 

Don’t forget the keyword, it will guide the reader, and the search engines, on what your article is and help you position much better. 

Don’t write for writing

If you don’t have anything interesting to contribute to your audience, you’d better not write anything. If you do it out of obligation, lose the fun!

One of the hallmarks of your blog should be quality. Let people enjoy reading your articles, so they feel like sharing them with others. 

«One of the distinctive brands of your blog should be quality.»

Documntate, give relevance figures, add value to the text and you’ll see how your site is positioned faster than you think. 

SEO is important

Making text that is SEO-optimized but natural to the reader today is much easier. 

Previously, keyword repetition was such that it could become a headache for the user to consume that content. 

Today, SEO points to a good customer experience that is easy to read, interesting, complete and useful. 

Quick Tip: Don’t let your paragraphs exceed both lines. This way, your article will be more attractive and easier to read and optimized.

Don’t forget to include your key phrases, without specific words, that will give your text more ease and expand the options to be found by readers.

Don’t forget to spread

What is not shared does not exist. So try to share the content by all available means. 

Social media is an excellent ally for this. Differentiate it by the available tools and receive more visits in your article. 

Another form of dissemination is by mail. Assemble a list of people interested in your content and send it to reach more people. 

I hope these tips will help you generate value content for your audience and achieve the goal of attracting more visits to your Page. 

Try to keep the blog up to date, that recurrence will make your site positions better and better and you get all the goals you set yourself.

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