5 Important Metrics for Video Marketing


The number of views, the play rate , the engagement and even the traffic sources are some of the key metrics to identify if the execution of Video Marketing will bring optimal results to your digital strategy or if you need to make some adjustments.

According to Diode Digital, Video Marketing can be up to 600% more effective than print marketing and email marketing combined, a fundamental pillar in any current digital marketing strategy .


But before analyzing the specific behavior of a video content, and even before creating it, it is important to specify three particular questions, from which its success will start:

Video Marketing Metrics

3 things to consider before creating video content

Define the specific goal of the video

The message, the elaboration, the format, the duration, the production and everything that a single video entails must be aligned to a particular objective, whether it is to publicize a new product, generate a community or increase the sale of a service. It is important to be completely clear from the beginning.

Set a specific segmentation to meet the goal

Once the main goal of the video has been identified, you must define the audience to which it will be directed; From there you can select the ideal distribution platform, elaborate the content more precisely and even choose the necessary resources to develop the message effectively.

Identify the group of metrics that the video requires

Once you have your objective and segmentation defined, you must choose the most appropriate parameters and indicators of success to achieve it.

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It should be noted that not all measurements work for all goals. Therefore, we selected the 5 most important Video Marketing metrics , we explain how each one works and we give you some tips to obtain better results.

Video Marketing Metrics That Are Vital

1. Views ( views )

It refers to the number of times your video has been viewed by someone, the count of which varies depending on the platform. For example, on social networks like YouTube, 30 seconds count as one view, while for Facebook and Instagram it is 3 seconds, just like for some video management platforms like Wistia.

The number of views a video has is ideal when your goal pursues the virality of the content, but if your brand tries to reach a certain buyer persona with a much more specific goal, this number can be somewhat misleading. The best thing to do is to consider views as a fairly similar metric to scope.

How to improve the views of your video?

Share the content with opinion leaders and / or influencers .

Publish your content on different channels: website, social networks, email, etc.

Take advantage of the use of ads or paid campaigns.

2. reproduction rate ( play rate )

It corresponds to the number of times a user clicked the play button, compared to the total number of people who accessed the video.

By the way, the video can be embedded within a blog post , be published on social networks or be inside a page on your website , where it takes on special relevance.

The play rate works as a kind of thermometer, capable of telling you if your video is correctly located on the site. If the video has a low reproduction rate, it is possible that users are having a hard time finding it on your page and you should consider moving it to the area where clicks are usually concentrated.

How to improve the play rate of your video?

If the video is placed on your website, try moving it to a more prominent location on the page. Tools like HotJar can help you identify the ideal spot.

Try changing the thumbnail for a more attractive thumbnail, those with real people are usually especially successful.

Reconsider the concept of the video and if its execution is fulfilling the objective for which it was made.

3. Commitment ( engagement )

It refers to the percentage obtained from dividing the time that a person stays looking at the content, between the number of plays and replays, and is perhaps the most important metric of all, since it allows you to identify if the piece is effectively reaching your audience.

The engagement of a video serves to identify if the user found the information provided interesting and if the hook and the full story are well executed. A high percentage indicates that the video is of good quality, is captivating, visually appealing and easy to see.

However, a low number does not necessarily mean a complete failure. The video could have a great hook, but perhaps the rest of the story does not hold the expectation, or perhaps the users were looking for an answer that was clarified immediately. In any case, it is important to analyze how far people got and whether or not the goal of the video is met.

How to improve the engagement of your video?

Keep the information clear and concise.

Make sure your video talks about the topic you promise.

Identify the moment when your users are leaving the video and optimize the content accordingly.

If your videos are too long, try dividing them into shorter, more focused clips.

4. Shared ( shares )

This metric is very important, since it implies that the viewer was so interested in your video that they want to show it to many more people, which can be due to different reasons:

Has a direct connection to the content or product displayed.

He feels identified with the message.

The message captivates him.

You get a social benefit.

You get monetary gains.

By sharing a video, its reach increases, in addition to directly affecting other valuable metrics such as the number of views, play rate and engagement.

How to make your video share?

Create educational, emotional and / or entertaining content that can live on its own.

Ask your audience directly to share the video.

Take into account the comments and reactions that the video receives to optimize it.

5. CTR (Click Through Rate)

The click-through rate or CTR measures the effectiveness of the video in getting viewers to carry out the call to action.

If the CTR is low it is important to reconsider the location of the CTA. Most people do not tend to watch video to the end, so it is often much more convenient to include the call at the beginning or in the middle of the video.

How to improve the CTR of your video?

Make sure the CTA is concrete and understandable.

Consider making your call to action more attractive .

Take into account how long users spend watching the video to relocate the CTA.

Creating an excellent video does not mean having millions of views, thousands of likes or a very high play rate on its own, it means making sure that the piece has a clear objective, that the content is relevant to the audience, focusing on the precise metrics to comply with the goal and make adjustments accordingly.

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