5th Content Marketing Study: Discover the best Methods and Strategies in Latam and Spain 2019


In the 5th. Edition of the 2019 Content Marketing study, carried out by Genwords , it was revealed that companies that use Content Marketing as a strategy to attract leads and increase sales opportunities are increasing.

We carried out this work in collaboration with more than 400 companies in Latin America and Spain, since most of the studies currently documented are in the United States, which represented an information deficit in our region.


For the fifth consecutive year we do this research, and for this year we had the participation of 452 respondents who represent various companies in the education, advertising, technology, health, tourism and other industries of various sizes, according to the number of employees .

The investigation included the participation of hundreds of freelancers and entrepreneurs, as well as leading companies from various sectors with more than 1,000 employees.

All these participants gave answers to our questions during the months of October and November 2019, obtaining participation from both agencies such as RD Station and HubSpot, but also from companies in various fields such as Adidas, BBVA, Ernst & Young, among others.

Emanuel Olivier Peralta, Founder and CEO of Genwords, justifies the consolidation of this study in order for brands to begin to implement effective strategies that connect them with their potential customers, in a natural and assertive way. Adding that:

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

“Companies must know the evolution of Content Marketing to update their perspectives, optimize their strategies and obtain much more profitable results.”

Sample and results of the 5th Content Marketing Study 2019

In the sample, a large number of respondents (29.2%) are directors or CEOs of the companies they represent, and a large part correspond to representatives of the Marketing Department (18%).

On the other hand, the highest percentage of the companies surveyed (31.4%) belong to the Marketing and Advertising Agencies sector.

Among the most outstanding results are:

43.1% of these companies studied have a content strategy; However, they do not have it documented, so only 27% of this sample recognizes the importance and takes the necessary actions to achieve the desired results.

32.7% do not have a team oriented towards content creation, but they plan to form one .

Lead generation continues to be the main objective of this marketing effort for companies, increasing its importance 6 points compared to the study we carried out in 2018.

There is a general ignorance of co-marketing and Guestblogging as tactics that are part of Content Marketing to promote content thanks to the relationship with other companies.

Social media and videos are at the forefront to promote content.

59.5% of companies agreed that they produce more content compared to 2018, while only 18.4% say they create the same amount.

Many of the companies investigated recognize that producing quality content is the most difficult part of a content strategy, so outsourcing could be a possible solution .

As for the effectiveness of the tactics these companies use to kick start their Content Marketing strategy, most agree that they have been effective. Ricardo Martínez, Marketing Director of Muebles Lacandona, one of our respondents, mentions:

“Up to now, Content Marketing strategies have been effective, given that 60% of our sales belong to new clients, and of that percentage, 70% are clients who knew us through marketing efforts.”

While Daniella Terreros, LATAM Onboarding Specialist at HubSpot adds that “Content Marketing is evolving towards the consolidation of a much more assertive communication, based on data and, very importantly, without ceasing to be human.”

To find out what is the current investment in Content strategies in Latin America and Spain , as well as the most used channels that generate greater effectiveness, among many more details about this 2019 study,

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