6 Essential Steps to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy


If you want to improve your  content marketing , you must take into account some fundamental elements. Before developing a step-by-step analysis of the elements proposed by Brian Sutter on, it is important to clarify certain characteristics of this approach that cannot be overlooked.

In the first place, efficiently developing and improving your content marketing involves getting into a habit. To create it based on the generation of creative and original content , the idea is that the strategy is simple, easy to carry out and effective.


Content marketing takes time. It requires patience and a lot of work, in order to achieve broad goals.

Three to six months is the least you’ll need to invest to start seeing some achievements and repercussions on social media.

The main idea is based on developing a work plan, setting goals, developing paths to reach a target audience, evaluating results and conversions.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

You must make it easy, that is, try to automate each stage. Automating and outsourcing is a good option when time pressure is too much.

Improve your Content Marketing in 6 steps

# 1 What are your goals?

Solving what your objectives are is essential, ask yourself  , where do you want to go with this? You have to be as specific as possible, so that these goals are measurable and help you quantify your achievements at the time of the evaluation.

To get an idea of ​​how this can work and improve your content marketing , your goals may have to do with the number of subscribers you get by email, potential customers, the number of likes on Facebook, doubling web traffic.

All of these examples are measurable, simple to count and compare to the final results.

content marketing strategy

# 2 Think about conversions

Before developing content, it is essential to consider conversions. How many is your brand achieving, how many do you want to achieve. It is important to know how to produce material.

You must analyze what are the factors that drive your customers and generate conversions. Without having this information, the generated content will not make much sense, since it will not point to where your brand needs it.

It is also key to know your conversions and the actions that produce them to be able to measure ROI . Once you have this data, you can develop an  appropriate content marketing strategy and you will be able to measure if what you invest in time and money returns and produces profits.

# 3 Focus on the customer

It is essential to identify an ideal audience to improve your content marketing, otherwise you would be creating content without knowing who it is targeting, and it is very difficult to provide material that suits all types of users.

The next step is to think about what your audience wants, what they expect from your brand, with what content they generate actions.

This has to do with knowing what they need, what social networks they use, what personalities are influential for them, what kind of tone to address them is more attractive and effective.

Without an interested audience, your content won’t be of much importance. You need to  know your customers and think about what they want to know, beyond what you mean to say.

Sutter explains this by basing his perspective on the existence of different characters and phases. That is, each type of customer forms a character that goes through three phases before generating a conversion.

You must have an appropriate content for each phase and for each character (this refers to a specific type of client with generalized characteristics).

These three phases are developed in the first place with the generation of consciousness. The second stage is the evaluation and, finally, the decision.

For each moment you must produce the content that the client needs. It is also important to know where you usually consume your content, what media you use and what formats you prefer, for example, video, infographics.

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# 4 Create content

Once you know who and where your content will be targeted, you can think about crafting it. You know what your customers need, it’s time to satisfy and convince them, make them part of the brand.

The main thing , apart from being creative and original, is that your productions are useful .

Sutter recommends in his article the development of a list of 50 ideas. Next, you should cut out the ones that are most frivolous, the least useful, and those that are difficult to carry out.

With that cut, you will have some good ideas to start with.

One important aspect is to make the most of successful content . This means recycling it and reusing it, generating new content in different formats, such as videos, infographics, and posts is an excellent way to improve your content marketing.

# 5 Promote what you produce

This step is as important as the previous ones, you must dedicate as much time as the production of the content itself. It is essential to share your work on the most used social networks, reach influencers , and optimize content for search engine traffic.

Also, by analyzing your target audience, you have a clearer idea of ​​the platforms you should move through.

While it is very effective to participate in social networks and work on SEO, it is an option to make an investment in paid advertising, for example, with ads or sponsored tweets on Facebook and Twitter.

# 6 Time to evaluate the content marketing strategy

It is not the end of the stage, because after the evaluation everything begins again and is constantly reworked.

Evaluating is a relevant part of the plan to know to what extent your brand achieved the objectives proposed in the content marketing strategy .

You must use your measurements and recognize if you achieved the planned conversions .

You can review the entire process and ask yourself if your actions to achieve conversions were effective, or if the content you are creating is appropriate for your real audience.

After evaluating each stage, you should be encouraged to modify what is necessary, your content marketing strategy will never be finalized for the only time.

It is important and effective for many companies to have a written work plan to get started. Content marketing takes time but it shouldn’t be complicated.

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