8 Digital Business Opportunities


The digital world has brought us many surprises, so many that businesses have not been able to wait a single moment to implement the innovations resulting from the Digital Transformation. We hear more and more about Digital Business, a sector that is constantly growing and whose data brings good expectations.

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Jorge López, an analyst at Gartner, published in Forbes an article with forecasts for 2020: about 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, which means that millions of people and companies will also be connected. Keep reading this post where we tell you about the opportunities in the Digital Business sector .

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What is Digital business?

The Digital Business or digital business is born as a result of those who implement Digital Transformation in their strategies (both businesses that start from a digital base and those more traditional). The term Digital Business defines all those companies that not only decide to have a presence on the Internet but also implement innovation in their processes. Technology is dynamic and that is why every year new business opportunities arise that make them differentiate themselves from the competition.

The digital model allows combining people, businesses and innovative methodologies that give way to a new paradigm in the markets and in the digital professions. We continue with more positive data: in a year we could see more than 500 thousand new jobs related to the digital economy. Keep reading and you will discover what other opportunities the companies resulting from the Digital Transformation should not miss.

Digital Business Opportunities

Make way for new professional profiles

New jobs have been created with digitization. Professional profiles such as the Product Manager (now better known as Digital Product Manger) have been renewed and others, such as the Community Manager or the Data Analyst , have emerged thanks to the Internet.

Thanks to these specialized profiles, digital businesses will be better prepared. In addition, digital professions are currently at the top of the most sought after and highest paid. In the following infographic we tell you the advantages of learning with an online MBA in Digital Business. Download it by clicking on the image.

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Have a digital presence

The creation of online stores, social networks , blogs or corporate pages are the most prominent features of a company that has visibility on the web. This, of course, multiplies the visibility of the company and its sales channels. How could a non-digital company compete with those that are? A company that does not have an Internet presence or plans to include the latest technologies, its days are numbered.

Improve the digital customer experience

The customer experience has become one of the most important things in the business world. Social networks and constant communication on the network are factors that lead consumers to seek answers and faster solutions to their problems. For this reason, the main focus of digital transformation is to use the latest technology to improve the customer experience. Thanks to Digital Business , companies can know the opinions of their target, what interests potential customers have, they can establish contacts and discover what users think about their products and services.

Improve productivity

Of the positive things that digitization brings, possibly one of the most outstanding is the savings in time and costs. Automation is one of the queens of Digital Business that has revolutionized various sectors of the company, such as marketing. For these reasons they need to be aware of the latest technologies that can help improve productivity.

Innovate, innovate and innovate

Digital Transformation forces us to act, that is why digital businesses are immersed in the dynamics of innovation, where they are aware of trends and take advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies such as Mobile, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things . In addition, it can also help foster innovation among team members, where incorporating innovation, technology and automation into the value chain are essential values.

Focus on digital culture

An essential part of digital business is the culture that defines it. Do companies today promote a digital culture or are they stuck in the past? For a digital business to be successful, it must have a change-oriented business culture.

Digital culture is more than just being surrounded by technology; It is a way of thinking, of working, of undertaking and of relating to the rest of the team. Given this, profiles such as the Chief Digital Officer have been born , which companies are expected to increase their presence in the coming years.

Develop new skills

When new technologies appear, new skills emerge and digital businesses need to have people capable of adapting to change. Some novelties that technology has brought us are:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Cloud Computing
  • Machine learning
  • Data exploration / analysis
  • Growth hacking

Not only digital companies must be prepared for this change, education too. More and more specialized profiles are demanded in new technological areas that can add value to the company and make it position itself above others.

Improve working conditions

New employment options such as flexible working hours or telecommuting  need the support of digitization in order to be realized. Digital Businesses must be prepared to improve the working conditions that favor, not only the employees, but also the company.

In addition to the challenges that digital businesses face, professionals interested in being part of the change need to have specific and multidisciplinary training. In this video, the MBA in Digital Business student Ivan Triana tells of his time at the school.

If you too want to be part of the change, sign up for the online MBA and learn about strategic and financial planning, agility, marketing, internationalization and leadership for digital companies.

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