8 tips for integrating mailing and social media into your strategy


When we refer to email marketing we talk about a marketing method based on sending mass mailing to a list of contacts that has previously given your consent to be part of it.

On the other hand, social networks are a perfect complement to email marketing to increase both sales, conversions, traffic or impact. For a successful integration we present these 8 simple steps.


Sending mailing: 8 tips to integrate email marketing and social media into your strategy

As for anything, preparing a strategy to make a mix between mailing and social media is going to be a success. In your route plan you will need to follow a few steps:

1 – Perfect your company’s social profiles
It’s clear you’re not going to go viral overnight. That’s why it’s important that you prepare the ground first. Optimizing your social profiles will help you lay some foundations. Must:

Show the human face of your company.
Bring your business closer to emotional marketing (emotional impact).
Reflect the warmth of your company.
Establish a balance: 80% value content and 20% promotional.

2 – Add your subscriber lists to your social networks
Much of social networks like Facebook or Instagram give you the opportunity to integrate your contact lists from your mailing submissions to their platforms.

Considering this handy option to make your mailing campaigns more effective, rate the fact that you can increase followers while generating a larger audience.

3 – Partner with Retargeting
This symbiosi is also a mine for retargeting. By analyzing visits you will be able to detect those potential customers who have shown an interest in your product or service.

In that sense, it will be in your hands to convince them that they end up being one more in your community. Contact them again by:

A personalized ad.
A clear solution.
An attractive offer.

4 – Incorporate social buttons into your campaigns

To make your campaigns more successful, add social buttons to your newsletters, so that the options to share your content are higher and that your subscribers follow you on your social networks.

In your head you should keep the idea of making creative, original and identity mailing shipments, because, after all, it is the main attraction.

5 – Promote your mailing shipments on your social networks
In the same way, don’t forget to go the other way and give visibility to your email marketing campaigns in the different social profiles:

Invite your followers to register (form).
Mention the benefits of belonging to your community.
6 – Customize and Segment
To target your audience I recommend:

Adapt your shipments according to your target audience.
Address yourself by a name (generates proximity).
Update contact lists.
Collect information about each contact.
Study common ground.
7 – Get subscribers through Social Media
Another of the most important techniques is the recruitment of subscribers through social networks.

By following these steps in detail, you may be increasing your number of followers and, by the way, more opportunities to have new subscribers:

Add an Opt-In form on Facebook
After creating a form with the help of mailing tools like Mailify you can use Facebook to add a Facebook Tab to invite your blue giant followers to be your new subscribers.

2. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter gives you the opportunity to promote your business, too. Its lead generation has a diffusion capacity up to 3 times greater than a normal tweet.

This tool stands out for its interesting visual attributes accompanied by a CTA that takes you to a landing page. In this way you must convince the internet user why subscribe.

By creating Lead Ads on Facebook you’ll look to have the same results as incorporating a form into your Fan Page. The only difference will be the convenience for the user since they should not leave the social network or make the effort to give their data.

8 – Find your promoters
Finally, remember to take care of your subscribers, especially those who share your mailing shipments. In this sense, dedicate special treatment to your ‘promoters’ with exclusive campaigns and discounts.

To find them, simply review your submission reports with an email marketing tool.

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