8 young startups that Capnamic Ventures is currently into


In the past few months, the Capnamic Ventures team has again invested in several startups. In Germany, the young financier recently provided startups such as Accure, Capmo, Circula, Home and with capital.

The Cologne financier Capnamic Ventures has invested diligently in various startups in the past few months. The Rhinelander are investing “in seed and series A rounds in B2B startups that focus on digital transformation and digital infrastructure”. Capnamic Ventures, which launched in 2013, launched its last fund three years ago. At that time, the pot was 115 million euros. The investor’s team includes Jörg Binnenbruecker, Olaf Jacobi and Christian Siegele.


“The Capnamic Ventures team works on an equal footing with the founders. We have had a no-bullshit policy for years. We see ourselves as co-entrepreneurs, service providers and wingmen. Our team has years of experience as an investor in all phases. Many of us had our own companies in the past and have therefore gained a lot of experience as founders ”, says Olaf Jacobi , who has been with Capnamic since the end of 2015.

Capnamic’s portfolio includes startups and grownups such as AdJust, Chronext, LeanIX, Picanova, Staffbase and unu. In Germany, the donor most recently – this year and last – provided startups such as Accure, Capmo and Home with capital. Capnamic usually invests between 500,000 and 3 million euros in individual startups. Below is a brief overview of the last investments made by Capnamic Ventures.

The last investments from Capnamic Ventures

Capnamic Ventures recently invested € 2.3 million together with 42CAP in the battery startup Accure. The company from Aachen was founded in 2020 by the scientists Kai-Philipp Kairies, Georg Angenendt and Johannes Palmer, who did their doctorate on battery systems at RWTH Aachen University. Accure offers companies a “platform that enables APIs to access battery data so that they can manage, analyze and ultimately predict battery health trends.”

Capnamic Ventures invested 5 million euros in the Munich startup Capmo in January together with the previous investors UVC Partners and HW Capital as well as “Business fishing from the CDTM environment”. UVC Partners and HW Capital  already invested  1.8 million in Capmo at the end of 2018 . The company, which was founded in 2018 by Patrick Christ, Florian Biller, Florian Ettlinger and Sebastian Schlecht, offers the possibility of digitally capturing construction plans.

The young startup Circula, which was founded in 2016 by Nikolai Skatchkov and Roman Leicht, digitizes travel expense accounting. In addition to Capnamic Ventures, finparx, HW Capital and Main Incubator, the investment arm of Commerzbank, have already invested in the Berlin company. A seven-figure sum flowed into Circula in the investment round. Circula’s customers include N26, Axa, Omio and Orthomol.

Capnamic Ventures made a joint investment with EQT Ventures earlier this year. Redalpine Venture Partners and FJ Labs invested around 11 million euros in the Berlin PropTech startup Home. The young company that supports landlords in managing and renting out their properties was founded by Moritz von Hase and Thilo Konzok. Home customers rent the apartment to the startup and receive the rent directly from Home every month.
A few months ago, Capnamic Ventures invested 2.8 million US dollars together with Kindred Capital and several angel investors in the young Cologne startup, a digital trainer for manual and technical work processes. The company, which offers training and self-help for workers and employees, was founded in 2018 by Andreas Kwiatkowski. At the start, the startup was still called SoundReply.

Five years ago Tobias Buxhoidt, Anton Eder and Julian Krenge founded the company parcelLab. The Munich startup virtually monitors the dispatch of goods, especially for online shops. If a package does not arrive in the usual time, the startup apologizes to the customer on behalf of the online shop. Capnamic Ventures invested in the company at the end of 2019.

The Berlin startup Statice wants to help companies anonymize sensitive data. The startup’s previous customers include hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to Capnamic Ventures, WATTx and WestTech Ventures also find the concept exciting. In the investment round, a seven-digit sum flowed into Statice, which was founded in 2018 by Sebastian Weyer, Mikhail Dyakov and Omar Ali Fdal together with WATTx.

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