Andrex and Unicef ​​Use Video to Raise Awareness


The video format is one of the most used and effective when it comes to creating content. The user searches for images, sounds, emotions. Today we will talk about Andrex and Unicef and how they used this resource to raise awareness.

What was previously sought to be transmitted with words, is now done through audiovisual resources. In general, the spots must attract the attention of the consumer in a few seconds and last a total of minutes.


The video can be used to promote a product or to describe how it works. However, there are various approaches that can be used to produce audiovisual content.

One of the most frequent has to do with the possibility of generating awareness about a particular situation,  Andrex and Unicef understood this and today they are an example of how to do Content Marketing.

Andrex and Unicef ​​Content Marketing: Case Study

In this example we see the union between Andrex and Unicef. Both institutions hired the agency J Walter Thompson (JWT) to produce a campaign that truly surprised and left the audience thinking.

On the occasion of the commemoration of Toilet Day, the Andrex and Unicef ​​campaign was based on installing an “Angola model” toilet in a King Cross store in London.

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The main idea was to show how people in some countries in Africa live without access to cleanliness and hygiene and to compare this option with the typical UK bathrooms with all their comforts.

The video shows us a normal day in the store, where an employee is dedicated to showing customers the different options and trends to install in their homes.

At the beginning, he indicates the ideal, clean bathrooms, with the latest technology equipment. Coming to the end, they approach the Angola model, a bathroom consisting of a bucket outside a humble and poorly maintained home.

Reactions to this installation were surprising from users. The Andrex and Unicef ​​spot reveals the irruptive and shocking effect of the idea.

They all observe it becoming aware of how badly other people live not so far from their continent, at the same time that they consider themselves lucky to have the possibility of accessing a clean and hygienic bathroom.

The video maintains a certain tension between awareness and ironic humor.

The seller claims that they could not do justice by trying to imitate an African toilet as “the smell, the flies and the diseases they possess are missing.”

The idea, of course, is not to laugh at the subject but quite the opposite. It is intended to mobilize users to do something with this reality faced by millions of people.

Campaign results

The goal of the Andrex and Unicef ​​campaign is to improve sanitation on the African continent through community collaboration.

This will be achieved through a campaign in which a percentage will be donated to Unicef from each sale of rolls of White paper, from Andrex .

Emma Roy, one of Andrex’s brand managers , expressed the company’s intentions to make the issue more apparent to UK citizens.

The intended effect was to break with a reality to which all the inhabitants of that country do not have access or knowledge.

With a bathroom in poor condition as an option among the usual possibilities, it is believed that the British would feel more identified, closer to the problem.

The company raised 250,000 pounds for UNICEF last year and helped 60,000 children and their families in Angola. This amount facilitated improvements in hygiene and access to clean and safe bathrooms.

The idea of ​​Andrex and Unicef ​​is to repeat the success this year, to obtain funds to improve the quality of life of children in Africa and, at the same time, make the problem in the United Kingdom more visible and real.

Video resources

Although those directly affected by the campaign are those customers who accessed the store and found that option, the idea of ​​filming it and bringing it to the screens of citizens manages to involve everyone.

The brand does not directly seek to sell or offer a product , it is about entering the heart and mind of the user. At no time is reference to the products that the company sells, although they could have been included taking into account the context. The only attempt was made to promote the campaign to raise awareness.

In turn, this awareness is not only intended, but the need to do something and help improve the reality of these people is mobilized in the user . At that time, the Andrex brand is offered as a solution, since by buying their products they claim to benefit the children of the African continent.

That is to say, the brand does not seek to sell directly or make an apology for its products. However, it is present at all times.

Andrex aims to win over users through the need generated to collaborate in a just cause. The products of this company will have a different value load than those of the competition, since from this video the client feels that he is helping to solve a problem.

One factor that facilitates awareness is the video itself.

Its resources, that is, its background music, its ability to place ourselves in the context, to see the usual claims of users, all of this provides us with a perfect framework to compare realities.

Notably, the cameras were hidden to get a candid reaction from people visiting the store.

The key aspect of this video is to show the surprised and unhappy faces of the customers, realizing how shocking it is to face a situation that is commonplace for many families.

This resource defines the focus of the video, accounting for a problem that the audience is not used to experiencing but for which, according to these companies, they can do a lot.

Although this is the video that we have been talking about throughout this article, it is no longer available, we leave you another video example, made to make the audience aware of a serious problem.

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