Artificial intelligence: what if you were to build the world of tomorrow with Illusion Technology?


Do you have a project in the field of health, the environment, human resources or education? And above all, is your idea based on artificial intelligence? The call for applications from Illusion Technology’s DeepAI Startup Studio, open from September 14 to October 12, is made for you.

lluin Technology is the story of a young company born in 2017 in the cradle of CentraleSupélec and the University of Paris Saclay with a clear objective: to carry out strategic projects in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by developing breakthrough innovations. . 3 years later, Illuin has grown into a leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with over 45 AI engineers and over 35 projects to its name. “We created Illuin at the heart of this new AI revolution, and we decided to apply it to 4 impact areas: health, the environment, education and human resources. », Explains Robert Vesoul , CEO and co-founder of Illuin Technology.


Illuin – at the origin of one of the first French-speaking AIs, FQuAD, dedicated to natural language processing – is deeply convinced of this: tech can (and must) have a positive impact. “If we apply NLP to healthcare, we realize that there are many fields of application, both in diagnostic aid and in the sharing of information between patients and healthcare professionals”, analyzes Robert Vesoul.

Building on this observation and the success of the first edition, Illuin Technology’s DeepAI Startup Studio is launching a new call for projects aimed at young shoots. One of the main selection criteria being the ability to develop a product or service based on complex AI. “The idea is to support project leaders who do not necessarily have the technical or strategic expertise in-house to develop their concept” , specifies Alexandre Sioufi , data scientist and head of the DeepAI Startup Studio. Then add: “We offer this support in exchange for a minority stake in the capital. “ 

Personalized support

To apply, candidates must meet several prerequisites: present an early-stage B2B or B2B2C project, make AI a structuring technological issue for the project, and finally have a clear data accessibility strategy. After that, several startups will be selected and invited to pitch in front of a jury. It will be a question of proving the technological feasibility of its solution, but also its potential on the market. At the end of the process, three to five projects will be selected. 

And the rest? Here again, everything is flexible. While Illuin Technology has so far only offered the development of an AI MVP by its teams, the startup studio is enriching its program with two new offers:

  1. advanced prototyping, in case of doubts about the technological challenge to be met;
  2. support over three months by several data scientists.

Alexandre Sioufi is delighted in advance: “The advantage is that startups will be able to benefit from the three offers if necessary. “

Already success stories

For this operation, Illuin Technology can count on the support of several partners: Paris Digital Lab from CentraleSupélec, an innovation lab from the University of Paris-Saclay; Digital Medical Hub, a support and promotion structure for APHP medical projects; Lab Santé, an ecosystem of healthcare innovation in Île-de-France; Latitudes, a Tech for Good association that has created a strong ecosystem between technological players and the world of social and environmental innovation; and finally, iWips, a company that bets on innovation in the service of human resources. The ideal equation to boost your project.

Moreover, if the Illuin Technology teams decided to continue the adventure, it is because the first promotion in 2020 was rather successful. Two startups have done well, including Anima, which offers HR experiences with a combination of know-how related to positive psychology and AI technologies. Here, there is no longer any question of recruiting “in the old fashioned way” in a meeting room on the basis of a CV. Instead, candidates find themselves immersed in immersive experiences combining emotion, technology and play. The goal is simple: to identify and develop the soft skills, strengths, commitment and motivation of potential recruits. A solution that should appeal to large groups, anxious to maintain the link with Generation Z, and candidates. Now it’s your turn 

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