Google wants to turn YouTube into a sales channel


Videos about products such as electronics, toys and makeup may have an option to buy directly on YouTube

The YouTube may be about to become a competitor to companies like Amazon and Alibaba. The platform is looking to offer an option for users to buy on the same page after watching product videos, ranging from electronics to toys and makeup, and thus become a new Google sales channel .




The information was released by Bloomberg , who confirmed with a YouTube spokesman that the tests are being carried out with a restricted group of channels. According to the report, the goal is to use videos about products as a catalog for users to find information and buy directly through the platform.

To identify which products a video is addressing, the service started asking for them to be flagged by content creators in the settings. From there, the data is integrated with other Google tools. The Bloomberg also pointed out that the test platform since 2019 integration with e-commerce tool Shopify for channel owners show up to 12 products below their videos.

By becoming a sales channel, YouTube would guarantee another source of revenue, but there are no details on how it will happen. If the plan is taken out of paper, the tendency is for the platform to keep a portion of the billing of the highlighted products. Still no information on how and what will be the remuneration for content creators who make videos about products.

Sales on YouTube and Facebook

As Ars Technica recalls , Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already indicated that a sales channel on YouTube can be a good opportunity. “When you think about things like unboxing and product analysis, they are also a natural place for transactions,” said Pichai, when presenting the balance sheet for the first quarter of 2020. “I look forward to these integrations reaching YouTube and working better too” .

It is worth remembering that, if the changes are made official, YouTube will have competition from Facebook, which also has a sales area . The Facebook Shop allows shopkeepers to use the social network as a showcase for their products, including the option for sellers to create a kind of virtual store and offer options for customers to enter via Messenger, Facebook or Instagram .

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