How should teams that are teleworking be managed? The expert responds


Working from home can be a challenge, either due to lack of motivation, concentration or even lack of personal contact with the team. What must be done to prevent this from happening? How should teams that are teleworking be managed? In this context, the Adecco Group, a world leader in human resource management, seeks to answer these questions and provide a series of advice to companies and team managers. In the words of Carlos Viladrich, HR Director of the Adecco Group for Southern Europe “the feeling of isolation must be avoided, maintaining a sense of belonging and closeness; and appreciation and recognition are key”.

It is important that departments address work motivation, especially in this very difficult situation. “It is essential that communication routines are established, that individual and collective sessions are combined, give greater structuring to the tasks to be carried out, time and deliveries. A good balance must be found, avoiding isolation or excess control a risk that denotes a lack of trust) and it is always important to establish a relationship based on trust, and in this case, with remote work, it acquires more relevance “, says the HR manager.


Back to the office

After six months some companies are gradually returning to the workplace. From Adecco they tell us how the balance of these first weeks back to the office has been: “The reunion has been positive, serene and prudent. But to say that we have returned to the routines before the pandemic would be to be untrue. The situation risk is still there, and the current protocols are very demanding. We are adapting to this situation that is still not ‘normal’. But, without a doubt, we have learned and acquired more good things than bad, “says the HR director by Adecco.

Although many organizations have opted for teleworking, the truth is that most of them do not dare to implement this model 100%. For this reason, there are already several companies that have started the hybrid model after the months of confinement, which allows you to work in the office for part of the working day and the rest of the work is done from home. According to the study Resetting Normal: redefining the new era of work, 74% of employees globally affirm that the best way to advance in their job is, without a doubt, to be able to combine remote work with work in the office.

In Viladrich’s words: “the pandemic has forced us to immerse ourselves ‘expressly’ in remote work. This has been the only positive of all this unfortunate situation. We have made great strides in new ways of working and I believe that a future is emerging in this hybrid model much sharper than in the past. “Indefinite telework

Not all employees want to continue working remotely, there are many who want to go back to the office, but cannot, either due to company policy or because of risk from a health point of view. How should one act with those who want to return to the workplace, but do not have the option to do so? “It is clear that if it is not possible it is because there are force majeure conditions to which we have to adapt. We must try to compensate, as far as possible, their ‘demands’ of proximity by increasing the frequency of contacts. Virtual interactions are usually limited entirely to professional content, missing the spaces for extra-professional relationships that occur during moments of rest.

In the event that, due to space issues, company policy or some regulation, you cannot return to the office, is it advisable to have some kind of meeting or physical encounter between the members of a team every so often to resume personal contact? “The ideal format is a good combination between face-to-face and virtual work. 100% virtual work is only possible in certain tasks and always limited in time. Therefore, maintaining face-to-face rituals will always be advisable if circumstances allow it”, says Adecco’s HR director.

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