How to build a team for a startup that works


How to form a team for a startup that works - FORM A TEAM FOR A STARTUP



The group that will lay the foundations of the company is the most important; the key decisions that can lead the startup to success or failure depend on it. So before starting the adventure of starting a business, it is convenient to know what multidisciplinary team is needed to start and how to form a team for a startup that ensures a good base from which to start. 

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Find complementary talents; the key to forming a team for a startup

The perfect team for a startup begins by finding different profiles , capable of facing the challenges that are going to have to be overcome. It is not interesting to put 5 experts in analytics, one or two will suffice. Resources have to be distributed wisely and in this vein it will be necessary to consider: what do I need to start?

If the business is going to be online, the main thing will be to have several web developers and a designer. Then you will have to promote the product or service, so you have to have experts in communication and marketing so that they start thinking about campaigns and strategies. Who will keep the accounts? The accounting and finance is one of the headaches of the company and unfortunately someone has to take care of it. It is better to find a person who likes you and who has experience, if you end up doing it together, it will be chaos, and no one will take care with enough dedication or determination.

The “great team” will be the one who knows how to look for variety and includes people with complementary profiles, both professional and personal. It is not important that everyone thinks the same, but that ideas arise, are valued and discussed to combine them and choose the best option.


The basic profiles of every startup

  • CEO

It is a position that sounds super important but, once you are involved in the creation of the startup, you will realize that it is not so relevant, because the objective will be for you all to be CEO’s of what you are creating and get involved with the same impetus as the creator of the idea. For theoretical, not practical purposes, the CEO will be the leader of the project and, surely when making big decisions his opinion will have more weight than that of the rest, but not always.

  • “CFO

We do not like to use the word director, because it implies hierarchies, and in a moment we are going to tell you how unproductive hierarchies are in a startup, but it helps us to develop the idea that a profile is necessary that knows how to ensure the balance of income and expenses. He will be, let’s say, the startup’s finance doctor.

  • Marketing and communication managers

Essential area in any startup. We also recommend that they be profiles oriented to growth hacking , the most fashionable growth model to achieve results at low cost or even without spending a penny. The communication team must also take charge of the relationships and collaborations of the company.

  • Lawyers or legal team

The law is the basis on which the startup will have to be structured, if the legal phases are not taken into account, we will not get very far. You will need contracts, request licenses, close agreements, etc. The best way not to leave loose fringes and not have surprises in the future is to bet on a legal profile that will guide the route of the startup.

  • Developers and Designers

Creating the website and the image of the brand will be crucial for everything else to develop around it. The designer chosen should have UX knowledge to collaborate with the creation of the web more effectively, creating user experiences according to the marketing and communication objectives.

  • Sales managers

The person or people in this area of ​​the startup must work side by side with marketing, it is the only way for sales to work better .

  • The joker

In addition to his functions as an expert in some area, he can be used as a guinea pig to test design plans , marketing campaigns, etc. and see their reactions, taking them as a reference of how the real customer could respond. The problem is that it must be a profile that is more disconnected from the strategies, so that their reactions are not influenced. It would be good if it were the finance profile or the investor of the project, as well as the  business angel .


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Selection processes out of the ordinary

If your team needs to incorporate some more profile and you decide to look for it in job portals , do not follow the same tactics that everyone uses. Your startup has a characteristic personality , for sure, and also the team that you have formed. Taking into account these premises, the important thing is to orient the ad text to something more than the typical “we are looking for an expert in web analytics , with experience of so many years, knowledge in such and such …”.

You will find the ideal teammate if you are specific: what character would he have? extroverted, introverted, calm, lively… Should you have experience in companies or small projects? People who have worked in large companies can contribute some things, but those who have started projects from scratch do better in others; identify what you prefer to incorporate into your startup .

If you have already identified some candidates because their resumes attract your attention, it is time to focus on their real merits . The CV is a way of getting closer to the person, of knowing their professional profile, but the true useful information for the startup will be found in the practical work of the candidate. For example, if you are looking for a developer to make the web page, obviously it is better for you to look away from the curriculum and go to look for the pages and codes that said candidate has made; test them, see how they work, if their style and design match what you are looking for, etc. We would also advise you with a candidate for the communication and marketing position; What campaigns have you developed? do a search on the Internet for the social networks you have managed, the posts you have written, the copies you have prepared, etc.


Select people who do not need supervision and who are trusted

A startup is a chaotic and unpredictable world ; you never know what will be next. Given that the future will be uncertain in the coming months or years, the best thing you can do is find people you can trust. How? The project must become something that they also want, they must like the idea, they must share it and they have to get involved as much as if they had had it themselves. Of course, it is also the duty of those who had the original idea, to make them feel as if that was their home too. What will be achieved with this mentality is that each person becomes involved in their projects within the startup and that if problems arise, which will arise, do not drain the package and wait for others to fix it, but to get involved to find a solution. The founding team should be a family, there cannot be a single member of the family who thinks of a hierarchy of bosses like ordinary companies, because then they will never take the reins of their department or function .

One of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs is to think of the startup as a small company and start designing vertical structures, departments, etc. in their head. However, all team members have to collaborate with every detail, each one to the extent that they can and always having their own projects or objectives within the startup’s growth strategy. The hierarchies and, therefore, the bosses, are there to supervise and in a startup there is no time to supervise , there is only time for each one to make decisions and carry them forward. Obviously, in cases of major decisions that may affect the future of the company, before doing something you should consult to see if the team is okay with it.

The key to forming a team for a startup is for it to be adventurous ; You shouldn’t mind not having stability and gambling everything to one. Because, make no mistake, startups are minefields, you have to constantly overcome obstacles and you need to invest a lot of energy and be eager to work on it. At the same time, you will discover that you will hopefully create a small family that shares an incredible and exciting project. 

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