How to Record a Video for YouTube – Complete Beginner’s Guide


Video marketing is getting stronger and more popular.

Today the vast majority of companies choose to make this type of content to position themselves on the web and to interact in other ways with their buyer persona. 


If you’ve never recorded a video, just thinking about it can be overwhelming. What camera do I use? How do I get quality material? And the audio? How to get the audience’s attention?

Do not worry; Today we bring you a complete guide so you know how to record a video for YouTube.

Let’s get started!

The camera

Lets start by the beginning. To record a video for YouTube, the first thing we need is, precisely, the video.

There is an infinite variety of cameras; If you don’t know much about the subject, you can get confused among so many possibilities. Sure you’ve heard of many types of lenses, but how do you know which is the best?

Cameras usually come with a standard zoom lens in their original packaging. Although it seems basic, it usually works very well. Seize it!

Another lens that can be very versatile when it comes to recording videos for YouTube is the wide angle lens. Its biggest advantage over the others is the perspective it brings to the image. Being wider, it allows you to capture more elements of the scene you are filming.

Also, it is extremely useful if you are filming yourself. By opening the field of view, you don’t have to hold the camera that far to get a good close-up view: you can keep it close without affecting the image, but greatly optimizing the audio.

We will talk about audio later, but in this case, by allowing closer proximity, this type of lens will help make the audio much cleaner.

Now, if we talk about cameras, we have a little secret to tell you.

“The vast majority of companies choose to do video marketing to position themselves on the web.”

Is it really important?

It doesn’t really matter which camera or lens you use; anyone works. Today, even a smartphone can capture high-quality images. Up to 4k!

Of course, it is important that the image of your videos is well achieved; but for that you should not buy a special camera or spend too much money. You surely have in your hands a phone that you can use. Seize it!

Audio: Its Importance

Audio is the real secret to high-quality video; in fact, it is much more important than the image. This occurs because when viewing audiovisual material you can overlook the poor quality of what you see, but not what you hear. Badly recorded sound is extremely distracting.

You can get beautiful and high quality images; But if the audio cuts out, is overdriven, or at a very low volume, you will not make the users understand what you meant. Worse, they will probably stop watching your video within seconds.

So, let’s talk about microphones.

“Audio is the real secret to high-quality video; in fact, it is much more important than the image ”.

Types of Microphones

There are many types of microphones that will help you record videos for YouTube. Before going to the two most used, remember: you must take into account the environment in which you are going to record and the place where you will be placed to speak.

You can have everything ready, start the recording, shine like never before in your explanation and then, when you go to see the material, you discover that the ambient sound covers everything you said.

One tip to avoid this is to do a little camera test before starting to evaluate these aspects and choose the best location.

Now, we are going to the most used microphones to record YouTube videos.

Cane microphone or shotgun mic

In the first place, we have the reed or shotgun microphones: they are the ones that are usually placed above the cameras. They can have different shapes, but are usually elongated and fixed in one place.

If you use this type of microphone it is very important that you test the place and the distance at which you should be from it. It may seem silly, but sometimes just by moving a few inches, the audio quality can vary (and not for the better).

Lapel microphone or lavalier mic

The second type of microphone is the lapel or lavalier, also called “tie”. These are small and are placed on the clothes you are wearing, close to the mouth. 

It is important that you also try it; in this case, to take into account the distance at which you will put it and the tone in which you must speak so that it can be heard well without saturating it.

The great advantage of this type of microphone is that you can move freely while recording, since you carry it with you. However, if you want to capture ambient sound, it won’t help you much.

Good practices

We already have the most important thing: image and sound. But, in addition, to record a video for YouTube, you must take into account some practices that will greatly facilitate your work. Here they are!


Plan before you start recording. It seems simple, but many times we start producing content without really knowing where we want to go. Planning will allow you to be clear about the topics you want to touch and, above all, it will help you not to forget any of them.

For this, prepare a roadmap with the main topics you want to cover. It does not have to be a script that you repeat word for word, but a list of topics that you must remember.

In fact, it is best not to do the first, as your video can lose freshness and appear a bit stiff.

The important thing is that you keep in mind the points you are going to talk about while filming, since improvising in the moment is not a very good practice.

If you plan to film in a specific location, such as a bar or restaurant, always keep Plan B in mind. The venue may be crowded or the owners may not accept cameras; then, the best thing is to have an alternative to start with so that you don’t have to start from scratch in the middle of the day.

Plan everything you can: hope for the best, but plan to be prepared for the worst. As we start filming, we expect everything to go according to plan, but we must be ready for all eventualities that may occur.

In this way, if they do occur, you will have tools to deal with them.

Patterns Interrupts

Make sure your videos use some Pattern Interrupts. What does this mean? The breaking or interruption of a pattern.

When we talk about creating content , we mean doing something original that draws the audience’s attention to your material. Breaking a pattern implies modifying the routine, interrupting the usual to get out of what we are used to seeing and create something new. This will keep all eyes on your work.

Make sure your videos have something new, something that is not seen often. This way you will generate interest and your audience will multiply.


Don’t forget to have your batteries full!

It sounds silly, but you would be surprised how many videos have been cut short due to not having enough battery or memory space on the camera.

If you are going to shoot outdoors, bring extra batteries and a bag to store the camera and all its accessories. A day of shooting can be quite long, and part of the planning we talked about above includes batteries for the camera and yes, for you too: don’t forget to pack some snacks!


Recording your first video for YouTube is quite an event. Whether you do it in your studio or on the street, it can be a bit embarrassing to talk to the camera or have others listen to you. Don’t worry and keep filming.

The only way to gain confidence and grow as a video content creator is to do it! Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge yourself – the best ideas come after thousands of attempts.


YouTube is a platform that is increasingly used, both by users and by brands and businesses that want to make their way in this world. Every day millions and millions of videos of the most varied themes that you can think of are uploaded. It is a space where there is room for all kinds of content, even yours.

Starting to record can seem overwhelming; But if you plan correctly and have the right elements, it’s pretty easy.

Start slowly, step by step, one video at a time. You will see how little by little you loosen up and feel more and more comfortable in front of the camera.

Don’t forget that recording a video for YouTube should be part of a comprehensive strategy. Don’t do it just because everyone else is doing it. Only you know your audience and you know what they are looking for. Then go meet her!

If you discover that it is a platform that can help you connect with your audience, go ahead! What are you waiting to start recording?

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