How to survive the digital society with online training?


The technological revolution in which we are immersed has also changed the educational field. Today we have digital tools that are developing training that is committed to other methods. We are talking about online training in the digital society . Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to survive the change. We started!

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What is the digital society

The digital society is all of us who experience and will experience the changes and evolutions that Digital Transformation brings . Therefore, we could say that it is the part of society that evolves at the same time that technology does.


Benefits of studying an online training

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Digital society, technology and education

The current digital framework we have seen how the Internet of Things has been gaining strength. And it is that it allows the Internet connection to all kinds of objects that we use in our day to day. Also in learning, and it is that in the classrooms it has led to developing a connection with training gadgets

The irruption of technology in education presents a new world of possibilities . Traditional education has been defined as a very theoretical model that requires a lot of memory and little reflection. Can we say then that Digital Transformation promotes a new education ?  

Science and the advancement of technology have been the key to the development of this new online learning model. A challenge for both students and teachers . Online training in the digital society as a way of survival. New tools offered to make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital society. 

Today’s digital society demands speed, the “here” and the “now”. That is why online training is one of the best options to adapt to this constant evolution. E-learning is gaining popularity exponentially, why is this?  

What is online or online training?

Online training adapts to your life so you don’t have to change it. This is a benefit included in its definition. Online training is the way to obtain knowledge (within the Digital Transformation ) without the need to attend classrooms, with flexible schedules and with which you only need to have a device with an Internet connection (to have access to the material). For IEBS, in addition, online training has a different methodology, based on learning by doing , far from any traditional study method.

Advantages of online training

Thanks to connectivity , distances have been reduced . That is why with online training the limits for space and time disappear. It is a learning model that focuses on the student as the focus and is constantly evolving. Know all the advantages it offers.

Focus education on the student

Creativity and entrepreneurship. Online training takes into account that not everyone learns the same in the same dynamics. Thus, these learning methods are based on individualized training , personalization of content and the development of one’s own skills. 

In this way, users increase their creative and reflective capacities. Introspective knowledge is developed through practice and creative intelligence . This training can be carried out in different formats, depending on the needs of each one.  

Flexible schedule

Online training requires an internet connection. That is why the contents can be reviewed at any time, so that you can interact in a longer time slot . It is developed individually, so each one is in charge of organizing and managing their time. 

This has other advantages such as being able to combine learning with work, as well as with leisure. 

No travel

Technology has developed tools and applications that facilitate the development of e-learning. Therefore, it is possible to connect with a person who is anywhere in the world through the network. In this way, multiculturalism is promoted , and the power to nurture and grow together at different points. 

This point has more advantages. And it is that it facilitates access to learning . A person who is unable to travel for various reasons can receive training through an Internet connection from home, for example. 


The digital context evolves at an exponential speed, so you have to adapt. Training is a necessary path. The student is in the focus of the training. Through interactive learning , a multitude of specializations can be found. 

In addition, it is a method that seeks for students to learn to learn . In other words, this seeks to enhance skills and develop critical thinking and effectiveness. 


From the first moment, contact is maintained with experts and professionals in the sector . Online training is committed to communication in collaborative and team environments. A group learning that allows combining the formal with the informal and social. 

A space in which the student learns from the rest of his classmates while sharing his reflections and knowledge that he is acquiring. It is understood as a way in which to learn by distributing efforts

IEBS methodology

The digital society is constantly evolving. We are at a point where training is mandatory so as not to become obsolete in the framework of new technologies. This adaptation is quite a challenge . At IEBS we are committed to online training in the digital society. Because the student knows and uses digital tools to develop their skills. 

The online environment features platforms that drive collaboration and team learning. A collaborative training that is carried out through interactivity and multidirectionality . Practice, understanding and development. 

The objective of the IEBS methodology is to offer online training in today’s digital society. A learning that professionals and companies of the XXI century demand. From new technologies 2.0 resources and new formats are developed to turn the threat of change into opportunity. 

We are committed to “ learning by doing ”, a methodology of learning by doing, practicing and understanding why. Through real cases it is possible to consolidate knowledge and practice with great value for the professional future of each one. A model in which the student is the protagonist. 

IEBS is committed to a modern methodology, based on values ​​such as entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, ethics and sustainability. If you want to turn the threat of change into opportunity, take a look at our online training for the digital society. You will be part of one of the 10 best business schools in Spain and the first online according to the CSIC Ranking and the 2nd in Latin America according to the Ibero-American ranking.

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