Importance of Web Content Production in Content Marketing


At present, content marketing seems to be everything to succeed on the web, to retain customers through useful information that will lead them to make a purchase.

The content for a brand can be generated by different channels, media or formats: social networks, blogs, emails, ebooks, etc.


Since the Inbound Marketing methodology came to the fore, content marketing has gained greater value for brands, because the premise of this methodology is true.

Content is king, as has been said many times, and there is nothing more true than that, because a message can be pleasant, but a message with valuable content really hooks and falls in love.

Internet users use this medium to satisfy their needs and doubts, and through Inbound, you can provide the information they are looking for, generate a purchase and, at the same time, retain them.

The products or services satisfy a need, and it was noted that using online communication channels for the simple purpose of selling at all costs was not working.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

This content can come in any type of format and will be well received as long as you know your audiences so well that you know what really interests them: images, videos, photos, webinars, ebooks, podcasts, guides, infographics, applications, etc. .

This is why the concept of Buyer Persona also comes to light , which is nothing more than the fictitious representation of the ideal client you want in your business.

Knowing this Buyer Persona in depth will give you a clearer idea of ​​what is the strategy to follow in your content marketing and what are the appropriate formats to reach them.

 E l Buyer Person with the sales funnel , which presents what stage of the buying cycle is the lead , we indicate what to do on the web production.

And that is precisely what we want to talk to you about today, what is the importance of this production and how to develop it?

To find out, you just have to pay attention to the following:

Importance of web content production

A good production of web content in content marketing is a kind of invitation to see more about the brand, to tell them more about what you offer, and it can even lead to a purchase and then to build loyalty.

Without further ado, let’s see point by point what is the importance of web content production:

Strategic planning

When doing web content production, strategic planning becomes almost mandatory.

It is important to do it because you will be totally focused on the results in favor of your brand.

When planning, we measure, and the production of web content has measurable results that will help you get even more information about your leads in terms of:



Socioeconomic level.

Sex, age, etc.

Education level.

In addition, by doing this planning we will be ensuring that the engagement of the brand on the web increases, and that is that the production of web content aims, in part, to hook users to achieve a forceful loyalty, that is, that it is not lost in time.

On the other hand, it is in this phase of planning you must specify what the objectives, the title, the keywords and the tone of the message will be.

Do not forget that you must do this carefully and studying well what you want to obtain with the brand on the web.

This is also a good time to analyze the best alternatives to share content on Social Media , since it is essential to promote that public contact with the message and to obtain the results.

Influence on the Buyer Persona

The main objective and importance of producing web content in content marketing is to create a certain influence on the Buyer Persona or that fictitious client that helps us land on who we are targeting with the content we generate.

The production of web content is done keeping in mind that a problem or a question that our users have has to be solved and thus, in this way, it is guaranteed that the content that will actually come out will be useful to them in their daily lives.

With web production you can make sure that the person will read the content and even interact with it.

Generate evergreen content

If you have done web content production, and especially writing, you will have heard about evergreen content that is becoming more and more relevant.

When this evergreen content production is implemented correctly, it can lead the company to a new positioning on the web.

It is not about momentary news that loses its validity as days go by, but about content that can be seen within a while and continues to be relevant to audiences.

The use of hyperlinks

The production of web content is often shared through hyperlinks.

That is, if you want to share the content with other people, you can do link building, and by doing so you are benefiting your SEO , which is nothing more than the way to increase your traffic by winning the first places in search sites.

Web content production tips

You already know the importance of web production in content marketing , which is nothing more than giving the correct direction to the information that you provide to your audiences in your online channels.

Therefore, we want to give you some tips on how to do that production in the most appropriate way below:


Create subtitles that work

If it has happened to you that you arrive at a blog post and you see texts so long that they do not answer your initial question and you have left out of impatience, you will know the importance of creating impressive subtitles.

Try to separate the information in these subtitles and have them follow the same line of the title with a short, but substantial flow of information.

This is key so that your web content production really counts for the reader. Therefore, make interesting subtitles so that the permanence on the page is greater.

Take advantage of scannability

Many users “scan” a text instead of reading the entire text as expected.

In order to capture the attention of leads when scanning the text, certain techniques are necessary to make reading more dynamic and improve the user experience.

To take advantage of this scannability, you need to do the following:

Write short paragraphs: use paragraphs of no more than three lines so as not to lose the attention of the lead.

Be direct – keep your content to the point.

Includes images and videos : the reader, when viewing images, feels a break from the text and keeps it attentive.

Make content in the form of lists: Content in the form of lists works amazingly; feel free to test them in your web production.

Subtitle hierarchy

The subtitles must follow an order so that the fluency of the text is pleasant.

On the other hand, all subtitles of the content should keep a common standard, that is, use the same format (heading number).


H1: Importance of web content production

H2: Characteristics of web content

H3: Planning.

Make use of link building

With proper use of link building, it is possible to improve the positioning of a page as it is one of the good SEO practices.

But it is not that you link building to random keywords from pages that you do not even know: everything must be done after a careful study.

Create a production list

To have everything under control with your web production, create a checklist with all the advice we have given you so that there is no failure or any possible error that limits the effectiveness of the content.

What should a web content production manual have?

A good web production manual should make it very clear to the writer what the rules of the game are, that is: number of paragraphs, length of articles, number of subtitles, among others.

But broadly enough, this is what a complete manual should contain for your content to be successful:

Referential sources

It is important that the manual makes it clear what type of sources and references to use and how they should be paraphrased.

If ideas or fragments can be cited, it must also be specified.

Text structure

This section should answer the following questions clearly and concisely:

How many words will be for each published entry?

Is it punctuated with numbers or bullets?

How many subtitles per entry?

How often to repeat the keyword?


Visual content is also important to clarify.

Do you have a bank of images or is it necessary to download them from the web? There are many online image banks that can work for you but you must pay for each download.

Here it must be specified whether cartoons or only photographs can be used. There are also some technical requirements such as the number of pixels allowed and the size of the images.

Add examples

There is no better way to teach than by example.

Place models of what the posts should look like and the more that is understood by the writer, the greater the probability of web production success.


Content, in any type of format, is the greatest tool to attract, convert and delight customers. Therefore, a content marketing strategy is essential for success to be assured.

However, it  is extremely necessary that the production of web content has all the peculiarities that we manage to advise in this post, so that there is a guarantee that the content that comes out is really of quality and of value for the audience.

And it is that in addition to attracting him to the brand, the idea is to help the client to solve his problem, and take him to other texts that are part of the strategy and promote interaction between him and the platform, in order to reach a conversion.

Without these aspects of web content production, the content marketing strategy would only be made up of purposeless messages that did not reach people in the right way.

The idea is to attract customers, but also to hook them in the long term.

Therefore and in conclusion, the importance of web production in content marketing lies in the planning and organization of the requirements as far as texts are concerned.

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