Innovations come from Asia


Developing better and cheaper energy storage is one of the major challenges. Asian corporations are the main ones.

The optimization of storage technology has a key role to play in the electric car future. As a study by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows, Asian countries are well ahead in patent applications in this area.


According to the study, companies in the field of electricity storage worldwide have filed applications for more than 65,000 international patent families (IPBs) since 2000, each based on a high-quality invention. While 1,500 IPF were counted in this area in 2005, in 2018 there were already 7,000. More than 80 percent fell on inventions in battery technology. Of the approximately 7,000 IPF in 2018 for electricity storage, 2,339 come from Japan alone and 1,230 from South Korea. Of the 38 members of the European Patent Organisation, however, only 1,021 patents were counted. The driver is Germany, which contributed more than half of the patent families.

In addition, the study has compiled a ranking of the most patented corporations between 2000 and 2018. In front are Samsung (4,787), Panasonic (4,046) and LG (2,999). In fifth place is automotive supplier Bosch with 1,539 patents.

Although Asia is a strong leader in the battery industry, the EPA stresses that the US and Europe can count on a broad innovation ecosystem with a variety of research facilities, and should therefore remain in the running for future generations of batteries.

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