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Documented studies and efforts are usually found in the United States; and precisely because of this informational deficit, is that we now present the analysis of the results.

As we know, Content Marketing is a strategy based on creating quality content for advertising purposes, or creating Brand Awareness for a particular company.


content marketing study

This strategy also seeks to create Engagement between users and the product in order to transform visits into sales.

Sample and results of the Content Marketing Study
In Latin America, Genwords selected a population of companies from all areas:

Marketing and communications (36%)
Technology (9%)
Banking (5%)
Health (5%)
Manufacturing (4%)
Many others (41%) of the most diverse activities
Each of the people in charge of serving them in the companies was interviewed to find out how pronounced the use of Content Marketing is and, more importantly, how correctly they use it.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing
98% of the entire interviewee uses Content Marketing as a pronounced strategy to create Brand Awareness and Engagement among their customers and users. However, only half have documentation on it.

content marketing study

In the strategy, apart from blogs and websites, companies use mass media such as social networks of which Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the most consolidated.

Instagram and Pinterest are not left behind. It all depends on what the company thinks is most appropriate.

The thing is that to make Content Marketing quality, 48% of the companies surveyed have ensured that they methodically plan each content to be published, and 55% publish content every day.

Planning is ideal for success, so it is necessary to take into account the possibility of having a digital marketing expert within the marketing department of the company (thought that, by the way, shares 69% of companies).

91% of Latin American companies surveyed to learn how they used Content Marketing say they used 24% of the total budget per month in these types of strategies

In addition, 43% of them have decided to increase the budget for this area for next year.

Content Marketing is undoubtedly an exceptional strategy. We can see from the results of the interviews, that 43% of companies have increased content production compared to last year.

José Luis Sánchez, of GlobalMind, mentioned that Content Marketing “is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity”. And he can’t be right anymore.

However, to see the best results, it is necessary to invest more and more time and patience in the structuring of tactics; in addition to gradually increasing the budget of the area dedicated to Content Marketing. The real problem is the creation of the content, but with a good committee of creatives, creating pieces that generate engagement in the audience should not be much trouble.

There are still some challenges in content creation, planning structuring, and the work process.

However, working hand in hand with digital agencies or hiring a department for Digital Marketing is a strong bet for companies and has an increasingly marked tendency to attract customers effectively.

The 5 Steps of Content Marketing and SEO
To learn more about the study, you can download the full report for free from here


Companies have realized the importance of content marketing. Indeed, 43% of them have decided to increase the budget for content production.

Social media plays an important role in the dissemination of content. Although Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the most widely used, for this purpose, Instagram and Pinterest are also considered in content marketing strategies.

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