Learn to Configure Bumper Ads and Improve Your Advertising Strategies!


Video ads can be great allies when creating our digital content strategy in online media. Recent research shows that shorter video ads have more impact and are better remembered than classic 30-second ads. The Bumper Ads are the latest trend to consolidate a brief and straightforward format reminiscent of Snapchat and Vine.

Shorter video ads have more impact and are better remembered than classic 30-second ads.


Have you ever heard of them? In this article we tell you what they are, and why it is worth including them in your Digital Marketing strategy. 

What are Bumper Ads?

They are advertising videos of no more than 6 seconds in length, which users cannot skip. 

These ads can be played before, during or after the videos that the user sees on YouTube, on a Website or on any Mobile Application, as long as they are partners in the Display Network.

This new format emerged some time ago, and managed to gain a prominent place within the online advertising segment, as it has many advantages for advertisers. Its short duration and the impossibility of skipping them, allows to connect with the public in a short and easy way for the user to remember, also allowing to reach a wider audience, thus becoming an excellent tool to enhance your brand. 

Let’s know some of its advantages

1- Its short duration

We know that the use of smartphones has been growing rapidly in recent years. By 2019 Google’s Consumer Barometer indicated that more than 81% of people in the world used them. Nowadays, mobiles have become the favorite devices for video consumption. With this data in hand, Google devised new tools to reach the user, in a short format, highly effective on mobile devices, which ensures that the message is seen and heard.

2- Its great scope

YouTube is the most widely used video broadcasting platform worldwide. With more than 1.5 billion users, it is only behind Facebook in popularity. With these numbers in mind, imagine all the potential this tool offers and how it can help you achieve your brand goals.

“With these numbers in mind, imagine the full potential this tool offers and how it can help you achieve your brand goals.”

3 -Its low cost

This type of ad, in addition to offering interesting advantages such as its short duration, its ability to condense information and being literally impossible to avoid, Bumper Ads have the additional advantage of their low cost compared to other types of ad and formats, since they use bids of CPM, this means that we will pay every time the ad is shown a thousand times.

4- Its high performance 

Among other things, their excellent performance is linked to the brevity of these ads, which means that they do not become irritating. The impossibility of skipping them also helps to make this format one of the best choices when putting together our digital Marketing strategy.

As an additional fact, the most optimal results in Bumper Ads are usually achieved on mobile devices. 

Learn how to configure them

Now that we know some of its most important benefits, let’s see how to configure these ads in a simple way:

  • We log into Google Ads.
  • Once here, we select the Campaigns option in the page menu, press the plus button (+) and create a new campaign.
  • We chose brand awareness and reach as the objective of this campaign.
  • When selecting the campaign modality, we select the video option.
  • Once here, we select the Bumper option.
  • In the name of the campaign, we write the name for the new campaign. We recommend you put a name that allows you to identify at a glance the content or objective of your campaign. 
  • At this point, we set the budget, select the networks where to show the ad, the locations to which we will direct it, the language and any other advanced settings.
  • We enter the name for the ad group.
  • We introduce the Target CPM bid.
  • In “Create your video ad”, we put the URL of the YouTube video (it is important to note that the video that we will use for our Bumper ad, has to be uploaded on our YouTube channel, you can configure it with the option of not showing publicly) and follow the steps to create the ad. 
  • In Video ad format we select the option Advertising advertisement.
  • We put the final URL of the video, the visible URL and all the URL options.
  • We put the name of the ad, we give Save and continue and Done! We already have our first Bumper Ads configured.

Better practices

Now that we know how to configure a Bumper Ads campaign we will tell you the best practices to achieve an impressive ad:

Taking Think With Google as a reference , we share four actions that you can implement to optimize your Bumper Ads:

1. Focus on a single, simple purpose

Advertising Bumpers are designed to reach viewers at times when they are receptive to a quick and focused message. That makes having a single, simple purpose for your ad absolutely key. And the discipline this requires can help improve your ad. 

2. Plan the time to set the ad: 

It is important to remember the context of our user: he clicked on a video and is waiting to see it. Many of the most effective advertising bumpers I saw started with a shocking image around which the story was built. A single theme or visual cue can also immediately indicate to viewers that they have entered your brand space for a few moments. These simple approaches help avoid the temptation to stuff too much into the aperture, which can confuse users. Effective ads also leave users with a clearly expressed final thought or call to action that is given enough time to absorb.

“Effective ads also leave users with a clearly expressed final thought or call to action that is given enough time to absorb.”

3. 30 second ads do not contain all responses

A possible starting point for your first advertising bumper can be your 30 second ad. But to fit that story in 6 seconds, you have to know what to reduce. It is important to take a clear inventory of the entire story and retain only the aspects that will make for a powerful and memorable bumper. We can also use the other means as a springboard. For example, the six-second format can be great for amplifying a print or content campaign, leveraging simple images, or a striking headline. Depending on the purpose of your ad bumper, these simpler concepts can work well and be just as fruitful as a shortened version of a longer video ad.

 4. Build in series, rather than singles

Finally, keep in mind that bumpers can be powerful little touches that add up to something bigger. Some of the most memorable campaigns I saw went beyond a single ad to a series of six-second ads exploring different facets of an idea or message.

Building in series also allows us to think differently about how to create impact. Bumpers can be combined to tell a larger story or even used with other video formats, such as display ads or TrueView, to extend, amplify or echo what we broadcast in 6 seconds.

In conclusion

Now that you know what bumper ads are and how they can help you in your digital strategy, you are surely excited to start running your campaigns. If they are your first steps in advertising on YouTube, starting by configuring your Bumper Ads is an ideal way to start, since as we saw they are easy to configure and have excellent results. 

Digital advertising in video format is a powerful tool to create an emotional connection with your audience, and cannot be lacking in any Digital Marketing strategy. These types of actions will greatly help you improve the metrics of your conversion funnel. 

“Digital advertising in video format is a powerful tool to create an emotional connection with your audience, and it cannot be missing from any Digital Marketing strategy.”

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