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The year has already started and with it Google continues to innovate and launch new features. This time he will do it with  WordPress to create Newspack , in which they have already invested 1.2 million dollars.

Index of contents:

  • What is Newspack
  • Newspack objective
  • Access requirements

Index of contents

What is Newspack

Newspack is a news publishing platform designed to help small publishers generate more revenue . It was born with the objective that journalists can do their work without the worries associated with the publication platform.

This time Google has teamed up with Automattic, the parent company of At the moment there are not many details about it but they have advanced that it could be available in 2020.

Currently WordPress is present in 30 percent of the web, both with where blogs with open source software are included ; and with, a for-profit platform.

Automattic already offers a premium service at an enterprise level: WordPress VIp. Optimized for security and scalability , it is aimed at larger websites as the cost is thousands of dollars per month.

In this way, Newspack makes the facilities of the entity available in the hands of companies with fewer resources. In order to test the initiative and test it in its first year of launch, WordPress has partnered with News Revenue Hub and Spirited Media. Additionally, Newspack is backed by $ 2.4 million in funding from major companies. Google is present through the Google News initiative that was launched last March.

Other contributions include the Lenfest Institute for Journalism ($ 400,000), ConsenSys ($ 350,000), and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation ($ 250,000). Another, as yet unknown source of income is expected to invest $ 200,000 at the latest this month.

Why NewsPack?

As we can see if we surf the Internet, WordPress is present both in large publications and in those of individual people. The focus is to serve NewsPack l as media needs of smaller media that “fighting the complexities of technology selection, development, maintenance, hosting and security.” In this way, small publishers with scarce resources will be able to save costs and obtain facilities when publishing.

“Our hope with Newspack is to provide a platform where they can continue to focus on what they do best, while we focus on providing technology and support globally through their publishing and commercial operations,” added Automattic editor Mark Armstrong. .

On the one hand, WordPress will make the plugins created by its developers available to publishers. And on the other, Google will advise on the characteristics of the platform based on the comments of local publishers, and will provide technical assistance in the integration of Google products.

“Local news organizations are struggling to find sustainable models for journalism, a crisis that has very real implications for democracy, ” says Kinsey Wilson, president of “We teamed up with leaders to bring together technology, publishing and business expertise on a single platform.”

Although it will not be available until the end of next year , there is the possibility of requesting access before February 1 .

The beta version can be tested at the end of July this year. Prior to this, during the development period, Automattic will fund the fees associated with the use of the platform. Later, it will charge between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 for operating fees.

Requirements for access to Newspack

The deadline is February 1 and any type of publication can request access. However, Automattic will give priority to those who can guarantee editorial and financial success in the sector. Startups will be able to access if they have a strong launch plan.

These are the requirements that WordPress presents on its website :

  • Automattic seeks publishers who represent a wide variety of organizational models , technology and business approaches, as well as audiences and geographies.
  • Preference will be given to applicants already using WordPress . Those who can easily migrate to the platform will also be taken into account.
  • Applicants must be able to articulate a clear editorial and commercial approach to the development and growth of their website.
  • The website must be designed to be able to provide news and information to different geographic regions or subject areas with different coverage.
  • Pages must create original content and not continually add external content.
  • Sites that are primarily designed for audio or video news will not be supported .
  • The websites must demonstrate that they will continue to be active for at least 12 months , presenting a content launch plan or a long-term business plan.
  • Candidates must agree to participate in a biweekly video call.
  • At the end of the six-month trial period, applicants must migrate their website to Newspack .

The implications of such a platform can be very beneficial for society. Small publishers are on the hunt for quality news , which with immediacy, is often scarce. We will have to wait to see how Newspack is received and the real implications in the day-to-day work of the media.

What did you think of NewsPack? If you think you meet these requirements and would like to be the first to try this platform, feel free to give it a try. If, on the other hand, you are interested in being present in the digital world, we encourage you to consult our Master in Digital Marketing, Analytics and UX . Learn about the advantages of studying in a digital native school with a worldwide presence.

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