Petzone, the 100% free mobile app, essential for pet owners


Who are the founders and how did the idea come to them?

Hello, I’m Jeremy Picque, the founder of Petzone.3 years ago, I lost my dog Angey and unfortunately after 3 days of intensive research I could not find him to bring him home. During the many hours of research, I realized that no one dared approach my dog because he was aggressive, yet Angey had no tooth, he was a harmless old dog, lost far from home, he was simply frightened.During these 3 days, I crisscrossed night and day, the various villages, forests and wastelands around my home, to no avail… Thanks to the posters stuck on the walls of the city, the news spreads quickly, the number of phone calls multiplies to inform me of The position of Angely, yet no one has the reflex to recover my dog to put it in a safe place. So, the time for me to ride my bike to pick up my pet, it was every time too late, my friend was gone for good. That’s when I imagined and created the Petzone app.Since 2018, I have been accompanied by Axel, my co-founder, and we are leading this mission together, hand in hand, with our eyes set towards the same goals, the safety and well-being of hairballs.


What are your main products and services?

Petzone is a 100% free mobile application, dedicated to pet owners and bringing together all the tools necessary for the well-being and safety of our hairballs. Petzone has four distinct services, essential to a pet owner’s everyday life:

1) A “Petalert” service that is instantaneous, geolocated and interactive, allowing the search for lost animals. By triggering an alert on Petzone, you inform, in real time, the members of the community located within a radius of 15km around your position, of the disappearance of your pet. This service also allows you to track the movements of your runaway animal on our participatory gps, thanks to the information of the community that has seen it.

2) A petsitting service reserved for professionals, allowing you to find the best Petsitters near you. On Petzone you don’t have to pay a link.

3) A geolocated dating service, allowing you to be put in contact with many pet owners, close to home, to share your love of animals or walks together for example.

4) An online passport service for your hairballs, allowing you to always have important information close to you. As soon as your pet’s passport is created, a unique QR, gathering its information, is created, all you have to do is print it out and attach it to its collar, so it will be easily identifiable by anyone with a smartphone, in case of undeclared runaway.

What makes you succeed today and what will make you successful tomorrow?

What makes us successful today is the growing demand for free, fast, easy-to-use and interactive tools to help people in distress, search for their missing animals, or in search of a quality Petsitter who will take care of their animals, in order to go on holiday with a free spirit. Today there are tools like “Petalert France”, for example, which offers alert sharing on Facebook, but it pays off… 15, however, for a Facebook post that also does not allow the dissemination of information instantly… when you know that it is in the first hours that you have the best chance of finding your pet after a runaway, you have to be very reactive, and on Petzone it is the case, because by triggering an alert, you inform in real time all members of the community within a radius of 15 km, of the disappearance of your animal.

What will make us successful tomorrow is the fact that we can create and rely on a community of supportive users, all of whom are involved in the search for lost animals, who wish to meet and share moments together. It is also the fact of being able to create the largest community of professional Petsitters, in order to put this profession back in the foreground, a place to which it should be, something that is not the case today with all these Petsitting platforms that prioritize quantity over quality by giving amateurs the opportunity to keep animals. Petsitter is a real profession, and we want, through Petzone, to give it the recognition it deserves.

What makes you unique?

Petzone is the only 100% free platform, “all in one” bringing together all the tools essential to the everyday life of a pet owner, and I think that’s what makes us unique. In addition, Petzone is the first 100% free professional petsitting platform in France, so you can leave your animals to people you trust, who have diplomas, experience and are insured, and nowadays it’s not insignificant, because animal welfare is really at the center of everyone’s concerns.

Votre business model

When I created Petzone, I really wanted to offer members of the community to which I belong, pet owners, a free tool because I did not endorse this parallel market that took advantage of people’s distress. Of course, I have monetization ideas, which will not have a direct impact on the user, but at the moment that is not the point, we are really focusing on improving our application and acquiring new members, money is not at the center of our concerns, at the moment, although with the arrival of investors, we could speed up the process and implement a monetization more quickly.

Who are your competitors?

Nos concurrents au niveau de la Petalert sont: “Petalert France” qui opère sur Facebook, “AnimaLost” application mobile, “SOS Pets&Co” application mobile etc…Concernant le Petsitting, nos concurrents sont: Holidog, Animaute, mon-bibou, Rover etc… ( il y’en as beaucoup sur le marché mais ils ne sont pas professionnels).

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