Startup, from waiter to entrepreneur in 2 years: the tale of Antonio from Naples to London


He created his own company at night, which helps aspiring startuppers to realize their business idea

From Naples to London to turn his dream into reality. Antonio Gison , 24 years old from Naples, moved to the United Kingdom two years ago, navigating many jobs from the waiter to the receptionist to becoming a chef. Experiences that he uses, together with his IT skills, to open a business that bears his surname, a startup that helps innovators to develop their projects, with the help of a network of international mentors: “Now I have a company that works, with six people who support me in the development of the project, and if I look back I hardly believe it. Any advice to those who want to open a company in London? Come here, take any kind of job and invest your money in making what you dream of, ”explains Gison.

He builds a company at night
Waiter in an Italian restaurant, then in a Spanish one, and experience as a receptionist. Antonio’s early days in London were not the easiest: “They fired me all the time. I was not suited for those types of jobs. I lasted longer as a receptionist, also because I worked at night and in the meantime I had time to build my company “.

At night, he creates , a startup that helps turn the dreams of wannabe entrepreneurs into reality: “We cannot be experts in all sectors and therefore the first part of the company’s launch was dedicated to building a network of mentor. I contacted them online, explaining my idea. Some told me no, others yes, but I am very determined and persuasive ”.

Today, among the mentors of his network there is also Lloyd Jacob, a serial startupper who has raised 1 million dollars from YCombinator and other top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley: “Some customers think it’s not true: with only 100 euros per hour , they can talk to someone like Lloyd or other American investors, like Erik Bullen. My greatest satisfaction is being able in just a few years to involve mentors of such great prestige in my projects “.

The app against cybercrime
In addition to supporting startupper ideas, Antonio also develops in-house projects, especially in the field of applications. There are two apps that the team is launching. The first,  Hack4Pizza is an app that helps hackathon winners to promote themselves, to give space to their victory on social networks and on the app to increase their visibility on the Net. While the other is Hacker’s Field: “We have created a game that wants to inform young people on all the crimes of the network. The game explains how a hacker attacks and how to defend oneself ”.

London, the largest European tech hub
Antonio tells us how London, despite Brexit, has not lost its role in tech. He talks to us about the tax concessions, VAT is not paid below 85 thousand pounds a year, and the presence, not far away, of two innovation centers such as the Google Campus and the tech hub: “London is the ideal for the app market, especially in fintech, but also in gaming. The road to establish itself here is very winding. Personally, I worked at the beginning on the project dealing with sales, marketing, development. If you want to create a project here you have to invest your money and your free time first. Some startuppers come to us looking for financiers, without having invested a euro of their savings. My advice is to start with a job, and in the meantime, prepare your project,

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