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Startup Karma Shoarma receives investment and expands to Germany

Startup Karma Shoarma, producer of 100% vegetable shawarma and kebabs, has raised a large investment worth €350,000. The startup wants to use the investment to further grow in the Netherlands and expand to Germany.

Karma Shoarma receives the investment from the company Brave New Food. They focus on accelerating innovation in food. Brave New Food therefore has an investment program with which they invest in innovative food startups.

‘World better food’
“Our mission is to make the world eat a little better by letting people experience how delicious vegetable street food can be,” says Pascal Labrie, co-founder of Karma Shoarma. “As a meat substitute, you’ve always been 1-0 behind in the consumer’s mind. So the most important thing is that you just make a horrible tasty product. People really need to crave it. It’s still fantastic to see that fanatical carnivores sometimes just don’t believe they’re not eating meat”.

Influence corona
Karma Shoarma would be at 160 festivals in 2020 with her shawarma and kebabs. However, due to the outbreak of corona, the startup had to change course. “Shortly after the lockdown, we started selling our products directly to consumers,” says Marcel van der Heijden, co-founder of Karma Shoarma.

“In addition, from mid-May we started talking to the hospitality industry again to get our product on the map. Furthermore, we have spent a lot of time developing our products to make the step up to retail. Despite all the obstacles and limitations, we were able to take some big steps within a relatively short period of time. The recent investment is confirmation for us that we are on the right track.”

‘It’s our mission to eat the world a little better together.’
Pascal Labrie – co-founder of Karma Shoarma

Germany and England
Hidde Stolwijk, CEO of Karma Shoarma and previously employed by FrieslandCampina: “We are going to use the investment to scale up our production, expand the sales team and make marketing investments for the introduction into retail in the autumn. In addition, we are busy making first contacts in Germany and England. Both markets are booming in plant-based food and kebabs are an important part of the food culture. We are pleased to have brought in an investor who has knowledge and experience in these areas.”.

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