Startup Silver Flight wants to conquer the flying market with green flights


In the middle of the corona crisis, the Netherlands has gained a new airline. Silver Flight, an initiative of green entrepreneurs Sytse Bouwer and Kelly Otte, is going to fly with the greenest commercial plane in Europe.

It is the first time in nine years that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has granted a license to a new Dutch airline. Silver Flight flies the Pilatus PC-12, an aircraft type that is being built in Switzerland.


The Pilatus PC-12, with which Silver Flight will make flights within Europe, uses at least 50 percent less fuel than other aircraft of its kind. “The plane can take off and land at small local airports, which limits the emissions from long car journeys to major airports,” said CEO and pilot Kelly Otte. “We want to introduce a new way of flying. Flying can be much greener and more efficient. We offset the remaining emissions from the PC-12 up to zero for all flights. Travelers receive a ‘Cancelation Certificate’ from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). “

It is utopian to think that people will never get on a plane again. The only question is: what is the future way of traveling? ”

Kelly Otte, ceo Silver Flight

Electric and sustainable flying

The ultimate goal of the new airline is electric flying. “That is not yet possible, but as soon as an electrical device is approved for commercial flights, we will be the first Dutch airline to add it to our fleet,” says Otte. Until then, we will continue to innovate step-by-step towards sustainability right down to the very capillaries of our fleet and organization. This can vary from organic catering on board and the abolition of working with paper to the use of sustainable fuel and making hybrid flights. “

Future way of traveling?

The eight-person PC-12 can be deployed from any airport (you) in the Netherlands and transports business travelers, private individuals and (medical) cargo. “It is utopian to think that people will never get on a plane again,” said Otte. “The only question is: what is the future way of traveling? Necessary trips will always remain, such as a visit to a factory. or setting up abroad, transporting freight and visiting family. Because the PC-12 uses at least half the fuel, the costs will also be 50 percent less. “

The Pilatus PC-12 can take off and land on many types of runways such as asphalt, grass, sand and also snow. A track of only 700 meters is sufficient. Otte: “The aircraft has a large loading door so that we can easily load stretchers with injured people. This also allows us to carry out medical evacuation flights. ”The versatility of the aircraft has earned the PC-12 the nickname ‘Swiss Army Knife’.

Flying in times of corona

During the global pandemic, Silver Flight offers flights that are completely corona proof. The aircraft is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each flight and all RIVM measures to contain and prevent the virus are strictly observed. “An additional advantage is that our passengers do not have to go to busy airports with often long waiting times.”

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