Talented Entrepreneurs Wanted: Testabit Endurance


Talented Entrepreneurs Wanted: Testabit Endurance - PhotoThis week’s interview is for José Antonio Muñoz Salvatierra, one of our professors in the Online Marketing areaJosé Antonio is also Marketing Director at Testabit , where they develop Startups with Lean methodology before launching them on the market.

From Testabit they have started a project, Testabit Endurance , which has aroused our curiosity… Be careful because if you are a born entrepreneur, this also interests you!


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What is Testabit Endurance? What does it consist of? What differentiates it from other proposals for entrepreneurs?

Testabit Endurance is a call that we organize at Testabit to find talented entrepreneurs who want to lead our startups .

Candidates selected during the process will get a validated idea and product, offices in which to develop their activity, financing, and a team of business, marketing, development and design experts who will support them during all phases of development. These entrepreneurs will become the CEOs of the project and will receive part of the Startup’s shares.

Talented entrepreneurs wanted: Testabit Endurance - TestabitEndurance

Unlike other alternatives for entrepreneurs such as accelerators or incubators, in Testabit Endurance it is not necessary to have an idea / product to enter. Furthermore, we do not offer theoretical training but rather accompany the project as members of the initial team of the entrepreneur.

How did the idea for Testabit Endurance come about?

At Testabit we develop our own ideas and projects and every year we find ourselves with the need to look for entrepreneurs to lead these projects. This need to attract talent was what prompted us to create an open call to give talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own project.

How should an Entrepreneur be that fits your philosophy?

We are looking for restless, passionate people, with an entrepreneurial soul and an innovative vision. “All-terrain” entrepreneurs, capable of creating a team and leading it towards the achievement of its objectives.

Successful candidates must have extensive knowledge of the web and new technologies. All our startups revolve around the development of software products and it is therefore of vital importance that entrepreneurs have knowledge about e-commerce , online marketing and other skills in the digital field .

We also want them to share our lean philosophy and have an analytical mindset to be able to validate the business as they develop it.

What role do you think training plays when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Although the need and desire to undertake may be inherent to the person, education, without a doubt, is the key to improving the chances that this desire will materialize into a successful business .

An entrepreneur has many areas to train in if he wants to launch and develop businesses efficiently. Some of them horizontal, that is, necessary for the vast majority of entrepreneurs ( management , finance , team building , marketing …) and other verticals typical of the sector or the business model with which it is going to be undertaken and in which it must specialize ( e-commerce , SaaS , marketplace …).

The knowledge that entrepreneurs can acquire to develop their activity is very extensive and requires constant updating . Fortunately, new technologies are providing us with access to quality training adapted to the continuous changes in the sector.

In the case of Testabit Endurance, training is of vital importance since we do not offer it and we hope that the entrepreneur has it to be able to start working as a team from the first moment. 

What would you recommend to all those who want to undertake a project right now?

That they follow a Lean entrepreneurship methodology , that is, that they undertake step by step, previously validating all their business hypotheses and without making large initial outlays of time or money. Also that they are persevering and that they are open to vary the concept or the business model if the market requires it. Most large startups have had to pilot multiple times before they were successful.

As a farewell, what is your inspirational phrase that encourages you to keep going?

It is a phrase taken from one of the dialogues of the film The Pursuit of Happiness , in which the character played by Will Smith tells his son the following:

Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’t themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin ‘, go get it. Period.

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