The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog Conversion


WordPress Plugins are small programs that are installed on the platform of your blog or website to improve or expand its functionalities. With these programs you can create forms, pop-up windows or calls to action , to capture information from your visitors and increase your list of subscribers.

In addition, some puglins serve to monitor and measure our website, improving our development and effectiveness in each of the proposed goals.


As you know, the larger your subscriber list, the more opportunity you will have to increase conversion . That is why in this article we have selected a Top List of the best WordPress plugins that will help you increase the conversion rate of your blog.

But first, let’s see some considerations that should be taken into account before selecting a plugin:

What is a plugin

Top List of WordPress Plugins

1. Content Upgrades plugin

Lead generation is crucial in a digital marketing strategy . If your site already has good traffic, you need to use tools that help you convert these visitors into leads. One of the best tools is the WordPress Content Upgrades plugins .

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

WordPress plugins

The Content Upgrade is a magnet for leads. Also, it tends to convert more visitors. How? simply approaches the interest and commitment generated  from a content value , to get more subscribers and potential customers.

How does it work? The Content Upgrade add-on will allow you to create a shortcode (short code) that can be inserted in a link, in the text, or in other types of CTA such as image or button. When the reader clicks on the link, a pop-up will appear requesting their e-mail. After adding it, it will go to the page that you have predetermined.

Content Upgrade can help you increase your subscription rate by 30%

2.  LeadPages

To generate leads , it is important to create a digital bait such as an e-book, for example, and make it available on a landing page where your audience can insert name, email, among other data, to download the material and become lead.

WordPress plugins

But how do you make a landing page landing page? This doubt can be healed before it becomes a difficulty. I suggest you use the WordPress LeadPages plugin. It is a very useful software that will help you get leads and in this way get more sales.

It is the ideal complement to create leads or pop-up windows that promote eBooks, courses or seminars. In addition, you can create landing pages to improve the conversion of your blog .

LeadPages will allow you to configure the contact forms to obtain subscribers through their email. This way your list of readers will grow quickly and in an organized way.

What benefits does LeadPages offer you? Let’s see:

It puts at your disposal more than 100 templates so that you can design your Landing Page according to your tastes.

Its templates are customizable, you can easily adapt it according to what you need.

You will increase conversions, thanks to your leads and pop-ups that promote your services or products

You can use them from WordPress or in HTML format, you just have to enter the back-end on your website.

You can create tabs for Facebook, fully customized.

3. OptinMonster

Did you know that more than 70% of the visitors who leave your website will never return? Why? Well, because most people find your blog, read, and leave. So, wouldn’t you like to convert some of those people into subscribers to your blog? If your answer is yes, OptinMonster is the best tool to achieve it.

How? Well, OptinMonster will help you grow your email list and get more subscribers with pop-ups and other types of high-converting op-tin forms.

This is one of the best WordPress plugins, it offers several customization options so you can create pop-ups and capture the name and email of your visitors.

Now, let’s see how OptinMonster can help you get more subscribers:

Form Creation

OptinMonster will help you create op-tin forms in minutes, not hours! You can choose from 8 different template types, including various types of forms: pop-up, floating, sliding, with sidebars, online, mobile, and Canvas.

In addition, all the templates are 100% responsive, they adapt to any mobile device.

Integration with email marketing services

This plugin generating leads is friendly, ideal for beginners. It works immediately with all the most used email marketing service providers such as: MailChimp, Hubspot, GetResponse, Marketo, ConstantContact, among others.

You can also use custom HTML forms, as well as use shortcodes to add other form plugins.


OptinMonster will allow you to display unique offers and campaigns based on the location and interaction of your blog visitors. So you can segment your email list and group your subscribers based on their interests and interaction with the content you offer.

Also, you will be able to send relevant emails to your subscribers, resulting in higher conversion rates, higher click-through rate, higher sales, higher revenue, higher customer retention.

Analyze the conversion

Most people do not know what to do with the tests because they do not understand them. However, OptinMonster’s conversion analysis is easy to understand and will provide you with the most important statistics, so that you can improve your conversion strategy. 

4. LeadBoxer

This is another one of the best WordPress plugins for collecting leads. With this add-on, you can understand and collect information from your blog visitors.

If you add LeadBoxer to your website, you will be able to see the names of the companies that visit your site , the products and services they are interested in, and the ways to contact them.

This plugin is a powerful tool that will allow you to collect leads in an efficient and actionable way.

5. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the most interesting WordPress plugins, it will help you improve the conversions of your blog, since it will allow you to insert pop-ups, widgets, forms, etc.

Also, with Thrive Leads , you will be able to create A / B tests, with your forms, to see which ones are bringing the most conversions.

Using Thrive Leads is like having your own conversion and list-building expert, built right into a powerful piece of software, that will give you the following benefits:

Design and implementation

Thrive Leads combines all the types of opt-in forms you need in a single plugin and offers a simple editor, with just drag and drop you will create the perfect design for your blog.


Drive bulk conversion by showing highly targeted and relevant offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags, and more. Create hyper-segmented and profitable lists.

A / B test

Thrive Leads comes with an A / B or a / b testing feature, very advanced, but very easy to use. Easily increase your conversions and use the plugin to automatically increase your conversion rate.

Reports and statistics

Thrive Leads gives you a simple overview of the most important metrics. See exactly how your opt-in forms are performing and where your most valuable traffic is coming from.

6. Hello Bar

Hello Bar makes it extremely easy to convert more visitors into customers. It does this discreetly, when people visit your blog they will see a subtle bar at the top of the page that will encourage them to join your email list (or to start a trial of your product).

The Hello Bar WordPress plugin is a really simple plugin that allows you to copy and paste the Hello Bar code snippet from , directly into the WordPress administration interface. You can also select where in the HTMl structure (head, body, etc) you want to place your code snippet.

Anyway, Hello Bar is one of the best easy-to-install WordPress plugins. It’s a valuable tool for you to have in your lead generation arsenal. Not only does it work, it does it very well.  

7. Icegram

It is a powerful tool that will help you improve the engagement of your blog visitors. You can use it to create pop-ups, buttons,  call to action in the header or footer, floating reminder boxes, chat, among other functions.

Icegram includes several advanced functions with which you can create smart pop-ups. Also, it can be integrated with MailChimp.

And the best, it’s free!

8. Popup Domination

It is an excellent option to create and configure pop-ups on your WordPress blog. Also the possibility of creating A / B test, support chat, analytics. But also, it has other characteristics that make it a wonderful tool, let’s see:

High conversion

Popup Domination has templates designed by professionals in digital marketing, which guarantees that it will increase the conversion rate of your blog. So not only will they attract the attention of your visitors, but they will also become potential customers.

In addition to integrating perfectly into your site without affecting the loading speed, Pop-up

Responsive Design

The Popup Domination plugin has a wide variety of optimized pop-ups with responsive design, which are very light and will not affect the loading speed of your blog.

Use of Metrics

You can check in real time, the effectiveness of your strategy to attract prospects. In this way you will know which pop-ups are more effective and which are less attractive to your customers.


The Popup Domination plugin has a countdown, which will be very useful in temporary campaigns as it will create a sense of urgency and increase your sales.

9. SumoMe

Another good tool to create email lists, pop-ups, analyze the interaction with content and share on social networks. It has many applications and you can start with the free plan, although this version is a bit limited.

10.  Scroll Triggered Boxes

Scroll Triggered Boxes is a lightweight plugin for WordPress, and it makes adding  to action to your blog very simple.

With this plugin you will be able to add frames that slide or fade on the pages, and the frames can have the content you want within them. This means you can add text, custom HTML , forms for collecting emails, Facebook like boxes… whatever you want.

This plugin is one of the least intrusive compared to most similar WordPress plugins.

11. WordPress Call to Action

WordPress Call to Action is an absolutely fantastic plugin for adding call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your blog.

The plugin will allow you to strategically add call-to-action buttons in various locations, but it takes things a step further by offering the ability to A / B test templates, text, and more to improve your conversion rates.

WordPress Call to Action is great for people trying to get their blog readers to start free product trials, download an ebook, or promote a featured blog post.

12. WordPress Seo (by Yoast)

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and the must-have tool for any successful blog. As you know, a good SEO is vital to improve the conversion of your blog.

In this sense, Yoast will allow you to configure practically all the information regarding SEO , such as titles, meta-descriptions and meta-tags. In addition, it has a function to verify your articles, showing you the strengths and weaknesses.

With this wordpress plugin you will be able to attract more visitors, from the main search engines and from social networks. You will also increase the engagement of your readers.

 13.   WordPress Related Posts

This plugin is excellent to increase the internal traffic of your blog, just by adding the related articles at the end of the displayed text. In addition, it will increase up to 10% of the internal navigation of your site.

14. Contact Form 7

This is the most popular WordPress plugin for making contact forms. And it is that creating forms is normally very complicated, for those who do not have certain technical knowledge, but with this plugin you will not need to break your head, since it will do it for you.

15. Mailchimp for WordPress

Mailchimp is another of the best wordpress plugins to get email subscribers to your blog . With this tool, you can create fully customizable registration forms and display them on various blog sites through shortcodes or widgets, for example. A very interesting way to generate leads.


Improving the conversion of your blog requires a lot of work. However, with these WordPress plugins you can do it easily and quickly. But remember that if you don’t offer valuable content to your visitors, the tools won’t do you much good.

The idea of ​​WordPress plugins is to help you improve the conversion of your blog and make you successful in your business. For this, it is important that you take advantage of each of the functionalities and characteristics of the add-ons and use the ones that best suit the needs of your site

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