The Best Time to Post on Social Networks


Knowing what is the best time to post on your social networks is almost essential for you to promote your content on your blog or websites.

As you know, today social platforms are part of any plan that includes sales. That is why you must know how to use them to your advantage.


As time has passed, social networks have taken a greater role in any Inbound Marketing strategy.

Of the 7.4 billion inhabitants in the world (data from 2016), 3.17 billion people use the Internet.

If we put this information together with changes in user behavior , the influence of the internet to make purchases and the need to communicate in real time through social networks, you can understand why they are so necessary for your company and your brand.

This, without a doubt, would give a subject for another entry. But for now I want you to understand the importance of knowing how your audience behaves in the communication age, as it will be one of the keys that will lead you to success.

In this sense, in order for you to start learning more about the behavior of your users on social media , I consider that it is necessary for you to know what is the best time to post on your social networks.

This will allow you to generate more engagement , visits to your website, trust among your target audience and another more extensive list in which I will delve into another opportunity.

Best times to post on Facebook

There is a lot of content that will tell you the best time to publish on social networks , information that can be very valuable, but I think that the peak time on the platforms will depend on the users who make life in each medium and that is where you should start studying schedule.

Surely you will not be surprised to read that a study conducted by Reality Mine in 2015 confirmed that Facebook is of all types of users, millennials, baby boomers, generation X, etc. So it is very easy to publish content on the Zuckerberg network.

There are those who clarify that the best time to post on social networks such as Faceboook is outside office hours, others that the rush hour starts at 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

While there are experts who have a different opinion and confirm that weekends are busy days on this platform.

In fact, an infographic by Hubspot states that the best days to post content on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. More than 80% of the content is published during the working week, but the majority gets attention during these two days.

Now, if there are all types of users on Facebook, it is normal that you can find different opinions regarding the subject, since each type of user behaves differently and connects at different times.

In order to achieve the reach you want, it is important that you learn to segment your audience. That is, who do you want to address? If it’s millennials, baby boomers, etc.

One piece of information that will help you learn more about the audience is that the preferred network for millennials and women is Facebook. People ranging in age from 18 to 35 prefer to spend time on social media during Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

With regard to women, Forbes Mexico magazine published an article last year in which it confirmed that women have more presence on social networks than men.

So you should study at what time of the day women prefer to connect to social networks.

After establishing who your audience is, you can use Facebook Insights , it will help you to know at what time of the day your publications cause the most interaction and based on that, you can generate a personalized plan on peak hours on this platform.

How to use Facebook Insights to know your rush hour

This tool has multiple functions, but for now you are interested in knowing how it can help you to know the peak hours .

By accessing the Analytics and Publications tab, you can see data about your users, such as: when, what day they connect and what content generates the most interaction, the latter will also be decisive for you to provoke the actions you want.

To understand the issue of schedules to get engagement , it is important that you know that the life of a post on Facebook can be 4 hours, as long as you do not publish anything else during that time.

So, you will have to be strict and respect the best time to post on your social networks because otherwise, so much effort will not be worth it.

Best time to post on social networks: Instagram

This social network, owned by Facebook, has more than 500 million users and has become an influential platform for users and important for brands due to the preference of the audience.

So, to propose what is the best time to post on social networks such as Instagram, it is important that you repeat the previous procedure. Establish who your audience is and, with this information, determine what is the peak time on this network.

Unlike Facebook, this platform has a more closed segmentation , in fact, it is believed that Instagram is a social network only for young people, more specifically for those who are in the age range of 18 to 30 years.

The users of this social network are constantly interacting, but like the rest, it has a better schedule to publish on social networks and this is understood from the working day, with an ideal peak hour that begins at 3:00 pm and decreases until it is hidden Sun. The level of interaction increases when arriving at 9:00 pm.

GabStats to know peak hours on Instagram

As I have already told you, the best time to publish on social networks will depend, a lot, on the behavior of your users , it will also be influenced by the type of content you publish and the preferences of your followers, so there is no one specific and general time for all brands.

To set your best time to share content on Instagram , you can use GabStats. In this application, just by logging in with your account, you can access this important information.

In addition, it informs you which are the publications that have had the best interaction, but also details at what time of day (on average) is the best time to publish your content .
It is perfect for you to generate a publishing routine and in turn get used to your users at your own pace.

Post content on Twitter

Communication on Twitter can be between B2B and B2C.   For the former, Hubspot suggests that the best days to post on social media are weekdays, while for B2C, it recommends posting content more frequently on weekends.

Regarding the best time to post on social networks, it recommends the time slot between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm to increase the CTR and at 5:00 pm to increase retweets.

Trends on Twitter tend to influence the best time to post on social networks, since you experience breaking news, which can be of great benefit if the trends that are registered at a certain time have to do with your brand.

The style, structure and behavior of the users on this social network is totally different from the platforms that I mentioned above.

An average company or person can publish between 10 to 15 tweets a day and it is a normal behavior, an action that would not be ideal to repeat on Instagram or Facebook.

For my part, I dare not mention a time slot with Twitter since the behavior here is complicated. Rather, I recommend that you distribute the amount of tweets you want to publish at different times until you find your best time to publish on this social network.

However, like Hubspot, there are others that establish the best time to post on social networks such as Twitter based on different studies. In the case of Postcron friends, they believe that the purpose of your posts will determine the best time to post on your social networks.

They claim that if it is to increase your CTR the best time to post on Twitter is between 1:00 am and 3:00 am, while if you want to earn more “favorites” and “retweets” you should post content between 9:00 pm and 12: 00am.

Moz followerwonk

According to the behavior of your audience, goal and followers you can achieve many things, from here the road to the success of your brand starts.

Followewonk is a Moz tool that allows you to know metrics based on your Twitter actions.

It has multiple functions, but for now, it has what you are interested in knowing, knowing at what time of day your followers generate communication , so your publication will have a greater reach if it is of quality.

And that’s where the secret may be. The question is not only in scheduling publications according to the best time to publish on social networks to achieve the reach you want, you must also offer valuable content.

Keys to publish on Linkedln according to a schedule

By its nature, Linkedln is another perfect social network to generate B2B relationships and as the vast majority of its users are professionals or business owners (57% of users according to Linkedln). Posting your content during business hours will not be as effective.

There are 1.3 million products promoted on the pages of this platform around the world. Which means that you have a lot of work to do to stand out and therefore, know the best time to post on your social networks.

It is recommended to publish content in the first hours of the day and after the end of the working day . It makes sense since if the content is aimed at professionals, they usually spend all day in their work occupations.

As you can see in the image, the best days to share content on LinkedIn are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The worst are on Mondays and Fridays.

My final recommendations

You may be wondering How does knowing what the information help me? Simple, when you know the best time to post on social networks, you have the power to grow the interactions of your brand with respect to your client, potential clients and followers, this in turn will allow you to have a timely presence.

Being there when the user is so demanding allows you to build a relationship beyond the mere fact of selling something.

Despite the advantages of knowing what is the best time of day to share content on social platforms , I insist that it should not be the focal point of your strategy.

There is another that deserves importance, such as: creating useful, valuable or entertaining content. It will be useless if you publish just when the user is active if you have nothing to offer. You will go unnoticed.

One of the disadvantages of digital marketing is that what works for your competition does not necessarily have to work for you.

Another recommendation that I must give you is that you should not be guided only by the data or statistics that you find on the web. It is worth trying and failing. Do tests; try your way and practice your own guesses.

Make your own conclusions after each trial and error, analyze your results and based on that act.

I leave you something to reflect on: If the best time to post on social networks is supposed to be at 3:00 pm on some platforms and you schedule your content to come out at that time, don’t you think that instead of helping you, it gets worse your situation since your competition and the entire market would be publishing at that time?

You see? Perhaps not everything should focus on the schedule, rather go to another side of your plan, perhaps failure is not the best time to post.

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