The GoPro Strategy: User-Created Content



What is the most effective marketing strategy for the technology market? In the particular case of GoPro’s Content Marketing  strategy  , the effort is not focused on the product, but rather on highlighting a “lifestyle”


While in GoPro the main exchange with the user is based on emotions, aspirations, challenges and different states of mind, in others they use more of the innovative aspects of the product or the ease of use.

Large Social Presence: The Foundation of GoPro’s Content Marketing Strategy

If you take a look at the official GoPro profile on Instagram (With user videos with spectacular views of extreme sports and endless material for adventure lovers), you will hardly find a post with less than 150,000 likes.

This is due to the great social presence of the brand and its great power to achieve engagement . When your presence is strong, direct mail becomes increasingly irrelevant.

GoPro has built an empire of followers and “defenders” without having invested much in traditional advertising. What better than to have the users of your products generating multimedia for your benefit?

With all this, they have been able to forge a kind of “content democracy” where the video that becomes more popular ranks better and gets more views from all the fans.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

They respond accordingly to this game: last year users uploaded around 6000 videos a day on the different channels of the brand.

Likewise, GoPro currently has an app that allows each user to create and share videos from the camera or any mobile device without having to download it to a computer.

In other words, it is a process in which users will have the possibility to ” viralize ” their lives much more quickly and efficiently.

Without a doubt, it is a company that has a high regard for its audience. In 2014 alone, it experienced a 40% growth in its YouTube subscribers

In addition, it was the fourth most engaged brand on Instagram , with no more and no less than 6 million followers around the world. With the arrival of the aforementioned application, the following of users is expected to grow.

User-Created Content: How to Get Followers to Seeing Your Own Creations

As we mentioned before, from the beginning GoPro has differentiated itself from the rest due to its constant investment in users.

The brand highly values ​​each of its fans creating content (no matter how amateurish the techniques to produce it are).

Each video or photo taken has the great potential to become an instant advertisement .

Michael Peggs , founder of Marccx Media clarifies: “User generated content is much more than dogs on top of a skateboard or failed skateboard videos: they are people living their lives, trying to achieve their dreams and, of course, advertisers are quick to identify these types of situations to interact more directly with them ”.

[Tweet “Each video or photo taken has the great potential to become an instant advertisement” #ContentMarketing]

Don’t neglect professionally produced content

Beyond the fact that the bet is on the material filmed by ordinary people, it is also true that in the long run there is a point where only the work of professional photographers and videographers can produce the desired effect.

The company recruits professionals to develop its own content on social media , mainly for unscripted or documentary projects.

This effort is understandable, as the camera performs much better in these types of non-fiction projects than it does in high-quality footage and heavily loaded video in post-production.

There is currently a partnership with the ice hockey league, NHL and ESPN , where the effort is focused on achieving live broadcasts from cameras located in each of the players.

It’s really easy to imagine the GoPro banner at these types of events, thanks to the powerful emphasis on the kind of first-person perspectives the product provides.

So far his own team has produced 22 films and a large number of full-length documentaries to promote the Hero4 model .

Take a look at this simple but colorful documentary that seeks to raise awareness about a species of mammal as controversial as the killer whale.

GoPro: Orca Rescue in 4K

In this work plan there is only one characteristic that may not be entirely clear (or somehow put “noise”) to the more conventional concepts of marketing :

One of the biggest challenges ahead for this great company is to start monetizing this type of content in the medium term. This type of production line could, in the future, be an interesting source of income for the company.

How do you follow the GoPro path?

The obligatory question after taking a big screenshot of all these aspects that make up GoPro’s inclusive Content Marketing strategy is: How far is this brand willing to go following the professional and amateur direction?

Will they try to create a kind of channel where they show the talents discovered so far or will they try to continue to seduce more and more non-professional fans?

For now, on the GoPro horizon there are no absolutes, the path merges from a combination of the two, taking considerable time to form a space that will last forever.

GoPro Content Marketing Keys:

– High engagement in specific communities and key markets (users who constantly invest in technology).

– Promote authentic, viral and, above all, user-generated content.

– Maintain a criterion of high visibility of the brand (showing its logos and aesthetics throughout the content).

– Production of multimedia material irrevocably tied to the brand and the value proposition it generates.

Getting Down to Reality: Some Lessons from GoPro Content Marketing That Can Help Your Brand

If your goal is to receive content generated by your users to achieve more engagement, you should start first by asking yourself the following questions:

How to build an enthusiastic community?

First: GoPro is not just a camera brand. It is a platform where users can express themselves freely. It is essential to rethink the position of your brand with respect to users.

What other brand could be a partner?

Just as GoPro is combined with well-known examples of athletes or different hotel chains, you can think creatively of a partner for your company and expose yourself to other markets thanks to the added value that your products contain.

How can we help our users achieve their fifteen minutes of fame?

Reward your consumers by encouraging the creation of their own content , asking them how they use your products in real life. After receiving your proposals, order them, polish them and promote them strongly.

How can the passions of our workers be united with the passions of our clients?

Show your employees the real story beyond the corporate message .

The employees of the GoPro company are avid adventurers, sports enthusiasts and of course, users of their own products, that is, those who work for the brand are people similar to the consumers they want to reach.

Paul Crandell , Vice President of Marketing and in charge of GoPro’s Content Marketing plans , says: “One of the most interesting and fun things about our work is that we receive interesting material every day!”

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