The Main Tips to Succeed in Your E-Commercel


The advancement of online stores, the relevance of social networks and everything that surrounds digital marketing requires entrepreneurs willing to risk, invest, adapt, this will give a result: Success in Your E-Commerce.

E-commerce demands more and more content strategies, and a good use of social media, all this compendium will give you the guidelines to achieve success in your online business.


At Genwords, during 2015, we consulted specialists in each field to learn about the news and movements required by the world of marketing.

Achieve Success in Your E-Commerce What do you need?

# 1 Agile digital marketing strategies

In an interview conducted by Tiago Horbatow, Diana Joppert, marketing manager at , the terrain that is presented is positive and the new communication and marketing platforms are conquering large portions of the market.

For Diana, e-commerce in Latin America is “a promising market for both new businesses and established brands.”

For this expert in brand management, the passage of time allowed the evolution of tools that make it easier for companies to offer complete and better services.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

This means that the path has been shortened to achieve   Success in Your E-Commerce

The growth of e-commerce generated a trend in which new entrepreneurs and businessmen decide to open their business on the internet, a way that according to the interviewee seems more viable than a traditional commerce.

Keys for an ecommerce that sells

Diana Joppert ensures that selling online has its own challenges and that digital marketing strategies represent something similar to points of sale in traditional stores.

It is these strategies that will mark the level of Success in Your E-Commerce and  in obtaining clients.

Diana states: “The essential thing is to have a good web analytics tool installed, Google Analytics, it is one of the main ones and it is free. It will allow you to see which channels your customers are coming from and will help you always invest in very specific segments ”.

# 2 Technological advancement increased the demand for content

For Lucas Velho , account manager at Vert Inteligencia Digital, the place that a brand occupies in the customer’s mind is essential .

In this sense, this advertising specialist affirms that content marketing has become a fundamental tool for the strategic planning of a company and to achieve Success in Your E-Commerce.

“If you have strong, engaging content that engages with your customers and can even turn it into sales and customer retention, it means your audience is approving of your content.”

Based on this statement by Lucas Velho, the need to differentiate your brand from the rest is understood . In this aspect, social networks play a very important role.

The possibilities of consuming content by the user increased, therefore an increasingly valuable and creative content is required .

Faced with so much social media offer , the brand that manages to differentiate itself is the one that attracts customers. The ads themselves are not so important anymore.

The key to achieve Success in Your E-Commerce is to understand your consumers very well, since on social networks they will permanently access a large amount of content.

Another aspect to take into account is that the potential customer became mobile , since the use of this type of device for electronic commerce grew considerably.

# 3 Maintain a profile on social networks

Arnold Oliveira , a specialist in social media, explains to us how a company must behave on social networks to achieve its objective. The challenge is to get to know the audience, to make your brand known and considered “important” .

At the same time, it is essential that your company maintains a defined profile and a consistent and constant style of social participation. You must monitor and analyze the behavior of your target audience and then take action.

According to Arnold, “the biggest mistake is trying to assume a position in social networks that is not consistent with their philosophy, focus, vision, value or attitude.”

This highlights the need to build a consistent social media profile . In addition, it is key to achieve the main objective of any brand, to make the customer notice that there is someone behind the profile to serve and take care of them.

Social networks are the shortest way to reach users, generate trust and commitment to the brand.

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