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Marketing software was  born to be the right hand of any strategy based on creating content.

With so many tools that the market gives us, telling a good story that impacts and connects with the public has become a simple task. Pay attention to what is coming and you will give us the reason at the end of this post.


Telling a Story as the Basis of a Strategy

Storytelling example product-brand promotion, Johnnie Walker

The fact of telling a story is natural for the human being, of course it is not something new.

It is an aspect that is part of everyday life, we do it on the street, in the elevator, talking on the phone or through social networks with the help of marketing software  .

Thinking about it in relation to a marketing strategy, what is always changing is not the proposal itself, but the tools to do it.

The content marketing took the story and made it an essential resource for users to conquer the digital world with the assistance of software marketing.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

The way to use marketing software as part of a strategy is in constant transformation, brands must adapt to changes and mainly take advantage of the potential of each tool.

In cases like those proposed by , which we will analyze below, the applications were created to facilitate the task, offering possibilities to tell stories with greater resources and less effort.

# 1 Thinglink – Marketing Software for Interactive Images

With the relevance that visual content obtained in 2015 , it is not surprising that marketing software tools that target this type of material are gaining notoriety.

Thinglink is one of the most prominent, it allows linking various interactive content to an image. The idea is to publish an image and add elements that add value to it. For example, add a video link to a photo.

marketing software

Thinglink offers an innovative and interactive way to tell a story, as users can also add links.

marketing software

Visual content is the shortest way to get conversions and customers , so this option is ideal for sharing your productions on the web and letting consumers participate.

In Thinglink the participation of your users is very important , they can be part of the narration of the story, establishing links to the images and sharing the content.

marketing software

# 2 Apester: Know Your Customers Better

Apester is among the resources that offer significant potential when it comes to visual and interactive content . It is key to give the user the possibility to participate, to feel part of the content.

marketing software

Apester is an application for websites that, instead of using a traditional comment system, allows customers to be included through surveys, question and answer games, personality tests.

These elements provide material to the brand, even with the possibility of including the answers in its articles.

marketing software

This tool is free and can be easily managed from an administration panel. It is very interesting and useful to know more about your audience .

You can make users stop being passive to the videos, the surveys appear there, they give your customers the possibility to participate in the product.

With this, you not only ensure that the consumer remains attentive and active with your content, it also allows you to know in greater depth the interests, tastes and opinions of those who follow you.

marketing software

# 3 Storify: Take Advantage of Social Media Content

Storify is a service for social networks that allows you to group posts and create stories. It is a tool that works by importing content from social networks .

It is widely used by journalists and researchers, and has a lot of potential to share content from a brand .

marketing software

Creating a story with this platform is very simple. You must simply select the content of different social networks to put together your new digital storytelling. That is, previous posts are reused to create

It is very useful to include content in your articles, because you can create timelines with information , combine material from different platforms with different formats.

It also allows you to insert texts and rearrange elements to provide context for users.

marketing software

Storify was created as a social network by itself, not just as a tool. That is, on this platform you can have followers and follow users. It is a great opportunity to share stories and interact with your customers .

When content is successful, you must make the most of it, recycle it, reuse it, explore it in new formats.

Although it is used mainly to gather tweets, Storify allows you to retrieve the productions published on multiple social networks and combine them, link them.

It is a suitable tool to experiment with the content and your followers.

# The need to tell a story

Telling a story is a fundamental part of content marketing. Users require attention, they are no longer easily surprised.

L to digital narrative becomes interactive and promotes the active participation of customers. It is not enough to just tell the story, your audience must be part of it, have the possibility to share it and tell it.

Your brand must adapt to the constant transformations of a dynamic and versatile terrain. These tools, such as Apester, Storify or Thinglink, are opportunities that arise to adapt and you should make the most of them.

It is important to use resources that allow you to know your customers , bring them closer to your brand and promote participation in the content.

The applications to reach users and share your content are numerous. Story Bird, Slidestory and PicLits are some other platforms that facilitate the possibility of telling stories using visual content.

Do not stay with the options that we mention here, search and select the one that best suits your needs.

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