The profiles of the retail sector most demanded by businesses


During the last time, the retail industry has grown notably, this is due to an increase in consumption and the improvement of technology. It is because of this boom that the profiles of the retail sector continue to be a claim by companies, which require human capital to manage and optimize business resources.

Index of contents:

  • What is Retail?
  • Employment expectations in the retail sector
  • How should the retail sector candidate be?
  • What are the profiles of the retail sector most in demand?

Currently, according to the Hays salary guide , the Retail sector covers 3% of GDP in Spain and 4% of jobs. The one that stands out the most is the fashion sector, which contributed 8.4% to total exports, with France, Italy and Portugal being the main recipients.

Index of contents

What is Retail?

Before getting into the matter, let’s be clear about the main definition of retail. The retail is an Anglo – Saxon term that is characterized by selling to the retail. It is basically carried out by companies that sell a massive stock to   multiple end customers .

The antonym of retail would be wholesale , whose objective is to sell large quantities to few customers .

Although the term retail in recent years has become more abstract and generic referring to all the practices most involved in retail.

General characteristics of retail

The main characteristic of retail is the sale to the end customer, but not the only one, we highlight some:

  • The direct interaction with the end customer: this is a more personal relationship with the direct customer, therefore customer care and after sales service are important keys to consider.
  • They are more frequent : this is because purchases have a lower volume.
  • Marketing and communication campaigns are aimed at the end customer .
  • Great logistics dependency : having to buy at a lower volume and more frequently makes them suffer a logistics dependency.
  • The rise of private labels : for many supermarket chains, the private label is an alternative to renegotiate the price of products.

Employment expectations in the retail sector

As the hays salary guide report commented, the professional market in the commercial area, retail and wholesale, represent 70% of the job demand . The rest is divided between marketing, purchasing, design and product profiles.

Among the most in-demand positions we find area and store managers. Languages ​​are also highly valued added values ​​in these jobs, mainly in cities like Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia where they have high rates of tourism.

Another data that the report reveals is that salaries remained stable within the sector, only the positions linked to the digital area saw a small increase reflected.  

Although this trend will change in 2018, given that the demand for employment in the eCommerce and digital areas will continue to grow , pointing towards a more sustainable sector that is committed to more efficient management.

How should the retail sector candidate be?

The retail profile is professionalized, large companies need candidates who implement customer-oriented purchasing channels, logistics and inventory, within the commercial and marketing area . In this way, processes and innovation in the work chain will be optimized.

Normally the professionals in demand have an experience of 5 to 10 years, with skills directed towards customer service, the ability to manage teams and lead improvement projects .

Regarding the educational level, the ideal profile is that of graduates with a postgraduate degree in business management or with an online MBA . As for language skills, of course a high level of English is valued, in addition to French, Chinese or Russian.

What are the profiles of the retail sector most in demand?

The retail manager

He is responsible for reporting the information to the Retail Director and thus ensuring that the figures are met at the national or international level . It has great influence on the organization of products and team management at a more local level, since it must work towards the achievement of quantitative and qualitative objectives in the chain of stores around the firm.

Depending on the volume of responsibility, the salary of the retail manager is variable . For example, the salary of an experienced Country Manager can range from € 115,000 to € 80,000. The Retail Manager with an experience between 5-10 years receives around € 95,000 gross per year. If we reduce ourselves to Regional or Area Manager, salaries go down from € 70,000 to € 40,000.

The Store Manager

The Retail Store Manager is commonly known as the store manager. His role is very important because he is directly responsible for all day-to-day operations in a store that is dedicated to retail. The remuneration in this position is variable, with an experience of between 2-5 years it ranges between € 28,000 – € 25,000.

Key Account Manager retail

The Key Account Manager (KAM) is the profile that manages the key accounts of the company, in order to ensure an alliance and loyalty in long-term relationships with the client.

The main profiles dedicated to this work are the Key Account Manager, who has more than 5 years of experience and a salary close to € 60,000, and the Account Manager, who has less experience (2-5 years) and lower salary. around € 30,000.

Digital marketing manager retail

The Digital Marketing Manager in the retail sector requires specialized training in sales and a more analytical capacity to reinvent the shopping experience. Normally with an experience of 3 to 5 years, the remuneration ranges between € 50,000 and € 60,000.

Sales Manager

The main obligation of the Sales Manager is to identify key and strategic accounts with which to establish agreements in order to improve activity, monitoring and loyalty of the accounts.

With an average experience of 5 years, the salary ranges between € 50,000 and € 60,000 gross per year, although normally a part is variable depending on the objectives achieved.

Director or head of operations

Finally, another highly demanded position within the Retail sector is the Operations Manager, who is in charge of establishing the transport policies of a company and checking that logistics actions are carried out in a coordinated manner.

The salary of an expert in the logistics sector with experience varies between 50,000 to 70,000 euros gross per year.

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