The startup Stuart suddenly separates from 24 undocumented delivery men


The startup specializing in deliveries between traders and individuals would have landed at least 24 undocumented couriers. A situation that it justifies by its commitment against fraud and which is not unlike that of the Frichti delivery men at the beginning of the summer.

They were in the front row as the health crisis was in full swing at the start of the year. Some 24 couriers from the French startup Stuart , who delivered medicines, meals or video games, have been unloaded in recent days according to information from L’Obs . All have one thing in common: the fact of not having a residence permit in France. You might think that the company, a subsidiary of La Poste since 2017, is complying with the law. But the situation described by the newspaper rather reveals a change of internal policy. Indeed, the situation of these couriers did not seem to have posed a problem for the company when they were hired “three years ago”. with the same, and only, documents at their disposal – such as Senegalese or Algerian passports, as two of them report.

A gear change

The company has, according to L’Obs , “disconnected” the deliverers concerned from its business application without providing them with any explanation. And the feeling of having been “exploited” predominates among the latter, who were at the front when France was idling at the time of confinement. The government had gone so far as to mention the possibility, as a thank you to the nation, of facilitating the regularization of irregular workers “on the front line” during this period. Result of the races, after a few months, Stuart rather justifies this end of collaboration by the implementation of a new internal procedure of identity control.


This case echoes that highlighted by Liberation at the beginning of the summer. The daily reported that Frichti , which for its part offers an online meal delivery platform, employed up to 200 undocumented migrants.. An imbroglio ensued: the young shoot decided to separate from the couriers concerned, leading to a massive mobilization of the latter in favor of their regularization. At the end of the conflict, almost half were able to take steps in this direction. Recruited as self-entrepreneurs by Frichti, the delivery men did not, however, fall within the criteria for regularization through work provided for by law – detailed in a circular of 2012, called Valls, and applicable today. hui only to employees.Read alsoINNOVATIONFRIDAY MAY 10

Bike delivery, the modern hell of workers?

According to The Obs , Stuart “suddenly” started asking his delivery people to send them a new copy of their identity documents. The La Poste subsidiary defends itself by explaining that it refers to its “general conditions” , which stipulate that its employees must have French nationality, that of a member country of the Schengen area or a residence permit allowing ” work as a micro-entrepreneur. She claims to be “committed for a long time against fraud”, which would have pushed her to integrate the solution of a French company specializing in the authentication of official documents and facial recognition, Ubble, into her recruitment process. A call to demonstrate this Wednesday, October 14 in front of the head office of Stuart, in Paris, was launched.

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