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Dear stockbroker,

Technology has always moved the world. It used to be the first railroad or electrification. Today the drivers are the development of artificially intelligent microchips or, for example, electromobility. In the past, as now, bright investors earned or earn a lot of money with it!


I wrote these sentences many months ago elsewhere. And of course my testimony hasn’t lost any weight since then. Technology influences and changes our everyday life. As consumers, we sometimes find ongoing technical change difficult. Older people in particular complain. For you, it is not always easy for you to switch, for example, sending invoices by post to the e-mail format or getting used to a new smartphone. This is sometimes exhausting.

As investors, on the other hand, we benefit enormously from forced technical innovation. Because wherever existing systems or production processes are renewed, a lot of money flows. Even as a student, I quickly understood these relationships and consequently invested a large part of my custody assets in the tech industry.

Now, high potential returns on the market always go hand in hand with increased risk. Growth stocks rarely rise evenly. In particular, the shares of young and so-called disruptive, i.e. particularly innovative, companies tend to be more volatile (fluctuations). Such abrupt course changes are naturally not for everyone.

It doesn’t always have to be just internet and software

That is why I decided to expand the term technology in the context of the RENDITE TELEGRAM. For me, technology is not just internet and software. I’m also interested in an improved method for treating kidney failure (dialysis). Because, as you know, medical technology is also a strong (and at the same time stable) growth market. For example, the shares of the German health care group Fresenius are currently in the RENDITE TELEGRAM sample portfolio.

Another example: The last time I looked at US retailer Wal-Mart was in depth. You will usually not find their shares in any tech depot. After all, stationary retail is neither particularly high-margin nor particularly new or innovative. But the US company is now breaking into online trading with its enormous financial strength and customer base and is demanding …

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