Tips for Achieving Conversions with your Website


If you are in charge of a brand, you are in charge of content and social participation, you know that it is normal to start worrying when the website does not work and I mean not fulfilling the main objective: to generate conversions .

You need to do an analysis to get to the factors that hurt your business. However, in many cases, improving the amount of conversions and actions you trigger on users is easier than you think.


In they allow us to access a very clear infographic, where the reasons why you are not generating conversions with your website are mentioned, and a much more extensive list with tips to improve its operation.

Next, an analysis of these points is developed to take into account to implement, on the one hand, and to avoid, on the other.

What You Shouldn’t Do to Get Conversions

The fact of getting few or no conversions is the main factor why an online business fails, so you should take certain precautions, first, not to discourage them yourself.

The interface of your website can make you fail , you have to be careful of a slow site, excessive advertising and a design that does not allow you to see clearly and even if there are too many obstacles to reach the purchase.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

You must take care of everything that revolves around your products. for example: If they have a very high cost, if the information you offer about them is incomplete or not completely reliable, these are points that put you at a disadvantage.

It is necessary to have many products in your stock, in the same way, it is advisable to have product descriptions and user comments, since customers pay attention to this a lot. Failure to do so can increase your bounce rate .

You must allow various payment options and provide security for visitors. Not having support service, customer service or not being interested in keeping social participation active are also factors that dynamite your intentions to achieve success.

Optimize your site and make a profit

How to increase web conversions

Now, not everything is aspects to avoid or take care not to promote. In this list we find several recommendations that deserve further development and analysis.

It is necessary to have an updated design . Sometimes, someone who enters and sees a site with an outdated appearance, declines their intentions to navigate there. The design should try to offer comfort to the client to navigate the site.

To improve the quality of your brand’s website, you must  add user comments . It is becoming more and more important for the consumer to review the opinions of those who have already experienced the product or the brand.

Not having these types of elements available generates mistrust and lack of credibility.

The descriptions of the products must be detailed, with verifiable information and faithful to what the customer is going to acquire. Otherwise, the comments will not be good.

You should also take into account the format that you will publish in these descriptions. While the texts are no more, and important s you implement descriptive videos where you can see the object in operation.

On your website, you have to incorporate high-quality images, which are as necessary and effective as audiovisual productions.

It is essential that your online store is fast, you cannot afford to have a slow website, or your competition will sweep you away.

The user is less and less willing to wait and you must allow him a simple and fast navigation, as well as pleasant.

Social networks also come into play here. You should always add the buttons to share on social platforms, without any effort greater than one click.

This will give you access to large audiences and new conversions . It seems like a minor detail, but changing the color of the buttons on your site attracts attention.

The calls to action must be clear , it is important to guide the user to where you prefer. To achieve this, you must provide security and demonstrate your authenticity, so that your brand is recognized.

Promote sales by making part of the customer

It is necessary to involve the consumer, interact with him to generate a link. One way to start this path is by  participating in social networks and fostering the relationship from your site with offers, discount coupons, free trials.

All these gestures will be well received by the client and if it works well, the conversion is more accessible.

Users are looking for you to recommend popular related products, they are looking for credibility and trust. This is why you must expose the best of yourself to conquer the client .

You must take care of answering questions, answering the most frequent questions and being active in the most important social media, where awareness about your brand is generated.

Another aspect to take into account to implement is to offer benefits for referrals . You can get conversions by motivating your users to recommend you in exchange for some extra benefit.

It is an efficient measure to reach a larger audience, with the advantage that your own clients recommend you.

As for the design of the web , users can be part of the choice. With an A / B test model, you can offer two button designs for conversions, and the one that achieves the most by dividing your traffic in two will be the winner.

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