Tips for Influencing Users’ Emotions


Generally, those who work in content think of sales from a logical sense, leaving aside the central importance that has to influence the emotions of users. While this is not a simple thing, the goal of anyone who produces content has to be to appeal to the emotions of their potential customers.

When you offer a product, you should highlight what situation it solves, what calm pain, what problem it solves. You should always talk about what moves the user. A purchase cannot be thought of in its entirety logically and rationally, much (too much) has to see how the buyer feels at the moment.


As we see in the graphs published by there are ways to analyze how to influence users’ emotions and also strategies to use that information for the benefit of your entrepreneurship. If you commit to the emotional needs of consumers, you may generate greater brand identification and your content may be shared.

You should be in charge of emotionally attracting attention in the first few seconds of a video or in the first few words of a paragraph. Positive is important to the reader, if they feel good or entertained by your content, they will be more likely to share. However, some emotions that favor the spread of a content is when what they observe or read generates shock, dread, and even anger. If the user is upset about something, they will share it with others.

Once the potential customer is moved, you have to offer a practical solution through your product. There are some emotions that trigger more exchanges than others.

An important step if you set out to take advantage of users’ emotions is to meet your target audience. You should do this through a demographic analysis, know where they come from, which sites they visit, their preferences. You can start, using this data, create a psychological profile of the audience to which you dedicate your content. It is essential to challenge this audience at the beginning of each piece of content.

How about this proposal to think about sales from an emotional side? Comment with us!

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