Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy


If you want to know the details on how to Improve the Content Marketing Strategy, in this post we give you 3 basic principles that you must handle very well before you eat the march towards conquering your audience. If you work in the area of content marketing you know that the customer, followers and users have to provide the best sales service, without them feeling that you are selling.

However, it is debatable whether you can actually think about both methods separately or you need to combine your strategies. Outbound marketing as a way to go out looking for new customers can be well exploited, although you are encountering more and more obstacles. The axis of the debate is to add value to the user and thus attract or directly sell our product.
KelseyLibert, in his article for, tells us about a study conducted with Fractl, where we can draw our own conclusions about user preferences.


Improving the Content Marketing Strategy
Block the ad invasion
The user has options to evade advertising in large part. While it can be invaded with millions of ads, the customer himself can dodge your intrusion through apps like the ad-block. Even this type of app can be achieved for mobile devices where consumers are even more reluctant to receive advertising.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

The numbers are clear, 58% of the users surveyed in Moz and Fractl’s study claim to use some kind of ad-blocking software. Adobe also revealed that 198 million people are blocking these notices. That’s why it’s important to improve the Content Marketing Strategy, with this you will be able to connect with your customers in a human way, without these feeling that they are a sales goal.

How to get results?
Some interesting conclusions can be drawn from the survey for your Improve Content Marketing Strategy. On the one hand, effectiveness is achieved through the presence of reader comments, online article search, traditional advertising (tv, radio, magazines), or through direct mail. You can increase your conversions based on user feedback.
As opposed to this, it is very likely to adversely affect the purchase decision with the use of mobile ads, graphic ads and email marketing. The most invasive methods lost a lot of ground to consumer decisions.


In turn, knowledge of online advertising is high, but more than half of respondents claim not to be participating in these advertisements, and if possible avoid them. 53.8% of users said they had not clicked on ads in the week before the survey.


In the week before the survey, consumers paid more attention to traditional advertising and email promotions. 88% of respondents claimed to search online for more information about a company or product that caught their attention. In short, customer ratings and online searches have a positive effect on purchasing decisions. However, traditional advertising does not seem to lose its weight on users.


How to choose in the cost-benefit ratio?
In this extensive study presented by Moz, you can see how much you need to invest to promote with different strategies. The highlight is the low cost and great benefits of posting on Facebook.


In turn, while it is more difficult to calculate the cost, in recent times content marketing has generated more profits than expenses. This is due to the user’s growing preference for original content, which adds value. And it also has a direct relationship with the rejection of intrusive advertising. You must search for the keys for your content to work.

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