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From SEO to Content Marketing and the change in the rules of the game

Today, with the multiple competition that exists on the Internet for the same article, the  loading speed  of the pages is one of the main factors that Google takes into account for its positioning.


It is a fact that all the people involved in the generation and publication of articles that travel the web are concerned about this point. Above all, those for sales purposes.

Imagine this:

You sell items in 1000 units each per e-commerce and have an average of 1000 sales per month.

 What if half of your page users left before they even saw your products? 

It is clear that you would generate fewer  leads  and with it your profit would be reduced considerably.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

Imagine that the rate of all conversions is 50%:

In 4000 get 2000 visits  lead s  and half of these culminate in a sale, ie 1000 sales). If your views are reduced by 60% due to the slow loading of your page then:

1600 visits would arrive

You would only get 800  leads

Your sales would drop to 400

Your profit would go from 1,000,000 to 400,000

Would you really risk your conversion rate by not optimizing the loading speed of your website?

That is why in this article we will share three fundamental points:

The importance of the  loading speed  of your website

Unmissable tips to improve that speed

How to measure your page speed

We are sure that after reading this and putting our advice into practice, you will improve your position in Google as well as the usability of your site on mobile.

Loading Speed ​​of your Website // Importance

The loading speed of a website

A website is made up of several pages. Same that can take from 1 to 8 seconds to load. The speed of a website is the average of the loading speed of all those pages.

We can know this speed if we go to the Google Analytics account  in the following sections: 

Behavior >> Site speed

This speed depends a lot on two factors:

The device the user uses

The quality of the user’s internet connection

And it is noteworthy that it is essential,  if you want your website to be positioned ,  implement some  adjustments to the p AGE  in design, and updating and debugging  plugins .

This in order that despite the two factors that we mentioned above, your site has an   adequate loading speed .

Why is the loading speed of your website important?

When a user enters your website, either through a mobile device or desktop, it is essential that it provides an   optimal loading speed .

This is essential since  the user is usually bored  when . after a  few seconds .  The site has not finished loading, so you end up  leaving the site, and most likely , will  not return.  This is a possible lead that you may  have missed.   

For example, Kissmetric data tells us that:

This almost guarantees that they will instantly go to a competitor’s website, reducing the likelihood of higher conversions, and you lose the opportunity to:

Minimize lazy load bounce rate and increase traffic 

Get Google to index more pages on your site

Generate leads (by knowing and sharing the site)

Increase the score of the web in PageRank

But, to all this, what time is reasonable to load a website ?

The ideal loading time for the web

Although we can find some that are extremely fast with charges of one second, even those that take 8 seconds.

An example of   optimal loading speed is that of the Amazon website. How much does your site load?

The Amazon website loads in an impressive second. Until today, how long does it take to load your site?

Tips to improve loading speed

Currently, ecommerce greats such as Amazon, Aliexpress and Apple, combine excellent  content  marketing   with the perfect optimization of web elements: such as SEO, plugin, hosting and design to achieve the highest conversion rate.

You can also achieve it, you only need the following elements on your website:

Responsive design

Every day, cross-platform browsing users increase. These users are those who come to our site not only by desktop, but by elements with the Smartphone or Tablet.

It is no longer a secret that if you implement a responsive design you can obtain multiple benefits to the  loading speed  of your site, because the elements adapted to the size of the device considerably improve this speed.

 Optimize images

Each image on your site has a considerable influence on its  loading speed  . It is essential to optimize them:

For SEO with ALT attributes

Looking for a balance between image size and quality

A very useful tool for this task is the WP Smush plugin. Try it!

 Always updated

And speaking of plugins, it is important that they are always updated in your  WordPress .  Likewise, it is advisable to update the platform each time the corresponding ad is displayed.

Delete what you don’t use

Hand in hand with updates, debugging should always go. In this case, we suggest that when installing new plugins you evaluate the need to continue keeping others:

How much are they used? Can they be updated?

Can we find a plugin with two-in-one functionality?

According to your answers, try to keep the essentials.

Use Cache Plugins

Remember that if you run a site from WordPress it is essential to use cache plugins.

These plugins will help you increase your search rank in Google, extend traffic and increase the potential of your website.

At the moment the most used are:

W3 Total Cache

WP Rocket

WP Super Cache

 Get quality hosting

Hosting is the service that provides the user with a system to store all kinds of content which will be accessible via the web. There are very cheap hostings of good and bad quality, as well as expensive ones whose quality can vary.

We recommend that you lean more than price, for quality when choosing it. Hosting is an investment that is worth paying a little more for .

 Look for a lightweight and efficient template

It is proven that the heavier the elements of your web page, the lower the loading speed will be   . It is not about removing elements, but making them simpler, optimizing or replacing them in an ingenious way.

It is proven that the heavier the elements of your web page, the lower the loading speed will be   .

For example, you must choose a theme or template that has the functionalities that you require for your purposes.

Clean your code frequently and thoroughly

 Clean code is essential for optimizing the site and increasing its  loading speed . This you can achieve:

Minimizing your CCS stylesheet

Compressing the code

These changes may take a couple of days to implement, but you’ll see that they are worth it. Once you have made these implementations it is important to monitor the loading speed of your website in order to maintain the optimal loading time.

How to Speed ​​Up Your Website Loading

What tools can I use to know the loading time of my website?

  Pingdom Website Speed

One of the tools most frequently used to measure the loading time of a site is  Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test.   This tool can help you calculate the time, it tells you which pages are the most and the least heavy.

Do you want to know the best part?

This tool also helps you detect the pages of your website that you need to improve. It is advisable to pay close attention to this point.

Google  PageSpeed Insights 

Google’s tool,  PageSpeed ​​Insights , helps you to quickly check the speed of your website.

It has the advantage of being able to provide you with the  loading speed of  your web page for both desktop and mobile devices, giving you clear and graphical information on the speed of your site.

Another advantage is that it can also indicate some options to improve the figure shown when the site presents optimization margin.

In conclusion

It is important that you verify the loading speed of your website, remember  that ,  as a user, what is expected when searching for anything on the net is to get a quick response. 

If when browsing, one finds a black screen, the boring loading bar or the circle that fills up little by little, it is more than a repellent and, in general, we look for something faster, even if it is not what we want. principle was required.

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