Urban Luisa Rolling: the social magazine turned into, the rebranding


The popular Urban Rolling magazine has evolved to better meet demand and the need for information. For these reasons, Urban Rolling Magazine became Editorial and digital forces have merged to make the most influential brand in Generation Z. The brand is entirely dedicated to creating content for Generation Z.


Newz magazine was launched because of its ambition and evidence. This new magazine is very innovative but still strategic, offering celebrities, music, television series, and other cultural news to meet the needs of the target audience of Generation Z and Generation Y. The news will range from more serious and in-depth technical articles to gossip. is published by Contents Media, the international digital publisher with numerous other magazines such as that is one of the most relevant resources for the Spanish public in terms of reading, sharing, and updating on the latest news on economics, politics, technological innovation, health and well-being, and much more. is a space dedicated to those who love elegance and freedom of style: fashion, current affairs, and latest trends., the story of the beauty of the world in all its aspects. A window on the culture, traditions, and the most beautiful places that surround us. And, not only cooking tips from the best chefs and food lovers but also information on restaurants in Italy and in the world. A perfect guide for those who love food and wine.

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