Venture Builder, the unconditional support of startups


The number of entrepreneurs and startups grows, and with this the spaces and techniques to promote and help the growth and development of new business ideas increase . One of them is the incubator or venture builder .

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Entrepreneurs cannot wait any longer, they need to get down to work. They are trained to develop their ideas, but they lack the most important thing: the support of an incubator.

The 21st century is already the era of the new industrial revolution, where entrepreneurs and promoters of new businesses build their own workspaces, their own methods, new professional relationships and lots of ideas are born that are waiting for support, the contribution of a internal team to develop it and, above all, financing.

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What is a Venture Builder?

If you still don’t know what it is, we will explain in a few lines what a Venture Builder is. It is a type of incubator that helps build businesses using your own ideas and resources. Its objective? Create own projects with talented entrepreneurs and allocating their investments.

They have the advantage that they give you the business idea, help you with partners , who have to complement the capabilities of the company, and accompany the first phases of the startup while putting the company in contact with experts. An exceptional advantage is that they also help in the early stages of financing.

It depends on the type of incubator it is, they can retain between 15% and 80% of the capital for the services it provides.

As reported by Nuclio, a Spanish venture builder, the VB “is the main partner of a project, dedicating 100% of its resources to the company”. It is a term with a few years of age, which is increasingly popular.

The venture builder is not only dedicated to creating apps or web pages but is focused on building businesses. Under this premise, entrepreneurs find a business need, which could include those elements, attract users and customers, develop a work team, hire employees and build the business.

What is the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?

Their own names indicate it, the incubators are dedicated to “incubate” and the accelerators “accelerate”.

Incubators are part of the startup,   they help you take your first steps, they are the main partners of the projects and they dedicate all their time and resources to the entrepreneurs they trust. In other words, the incubator is the “mother” of the startup that it must take care of. On the other hand, the accelerator is in charge of promoting the project or startup once consolidated.

The incubator owns the startup, the accelerator does not. Both receive financial compensation in exchange but not in the same way; the first does not have fixed dates and the financing is done in different ways such as FFF, BA and investors, while the second deals with the startup for a certain time.

However, both can complement each other, you can be born with an incubator and go through an accelerator.

Venture Builder Features

# 1 He is the one who gives the idea to the startup, supports it through server networks, software and different systems.

# 2 In some cases, he is also in charge of corporate communication

# 3 Supports them from a set of central services

# 4 Project shareholder

# 5 You select them to choose which ones are more appropriate to become startups

# 6 Choose the most appropriate team of entrepreneurs who will be the ones that best adapt to the business characteristics

# 7 They manage the legal part

# 8 It usually has a headquarters where startups meet

# 9 It allows entrepreneurs to earn something by the way, usually between 20 and 45%.

Venture Builder Examples


Venture Builder, the unconditional support of startups - NUCLIO VENTURE

Located in Barcelona, ​​this Venture Builder is one of the best known in Spain. Nuclio identifies and investigates successful models at an international level and develops them based on a lean startup methodology. He currently works with startups that have passed their first round of financing and that, due to certain circumstances, have not been able to move forward.

Antai Venture Builder

Venture Builder, the unconditional support of startups - antai venture builder

Also located in Barcelona, ​​it operates internationally online and mobile. It deals with “analyzing the market for proven successful businesses.” From there, Antai takes care of introducing them to other markets.

An example of the success of this VB is Wallapop, the second-hand product ad app that allows you to locate them based on geolocation. The app was born four years ago in Antai.

Team Europe

Venture Builder, the unconditional support of startups - team europe

Team Europe was born in Berlin nine years ago to invest in tech companies, they function as advisors in the early stages of startups.

Does Trivago sound familiar to you? The best-known hotel comparator was born thanks to Team Europe.

Rocket internet

Venture Builder, the unconditional support of startups - Rocket InternetRocket Internet was also born in Berlin, the business incubator that has already launched more than 30 projects in its first decade. Rocket Internet is the mother of such well-known startups as Zalando, Wimdu and Westwing.

You have already seen how being a successful case is possible, that entrepreneurs are not alone and that they can count on unconditional support. If you also want to be an entrepreneur and create your own company, do not miss the Master in Business Management for Entrepreneurs 

Master in Business Administration for Entrepreneurs

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