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Workers’ centrals, teachers and various social organizations will march this October 21

The workers’ centrals confirmed the starting points in Bogotá for the mobilizations that will take place within the framework of the national strike called for this Wednesday, October 21, in different cities of the country.


In the case of Bogotá, the marches will start from 10:00 am at the monument of Los héroes, La Sevillana and the National Park, until reaching the Plaza de Bolívar where a large concentration will be held.

Indigenous Minga announced to the Government Secretariat that they will return to their territories

The Secretary of Government, Luis Ernesto Gómez, pointed out that, “The Indigenous Minga that is in the Palacio de los Deportes announced their decision to return to their territory and that tomorrow in a departure from Bogotá they will greet the organizations of the National Civic Strike Before returning to the territory, we thank all the citizens who march for doing so peacefully and complying with the protocols. “

Meeting postponed between the Peace Commissioner and indigenous people in Totoró, Cauca

After the controversy generated by the announcement of the High Commissioner for Peace, Miguel Ceballos, to meet in Totoró, Cauca, with the Indigenous Minga, the meeting was postponed to next Friday, October 23 at 10 in the morning.

The manager of Gustavo Petro’s campaign in Cauca was assassinated

The authorities confirmed the murder of Gustavo Herrera, a recognized political leader, member of the Colombia Humana movement and manager of Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign in the department of Cauca.

They offer a reward for the murderers of Gustavo Petro’s campaign manager in Cauca

The mayor of Popayán, Juan Carlos López Castrillón, announced a reward for information leading to the perpetrators of the murder of Gustavo Adolfo Herrera Gutiérrez, leader of Colombia Humana and Gustavo Petro’s campaign manager.

The former director of the DAS, Jorge Noguera Cotes, was released

The 29th Court of Execution of Penalties and Security Measures, granted conditional release to the former director of the disappeared Administrative Department of Security (DAS), Jorge Aurelio Noguera Cotes, who had been deprived of liberty since December 12, 2008, in the La Picota prison in Bogotá. The decision was made for good behavior, redemption for work and because he has already served three-fifths of the sentences handed down against him.

Colombia reached 29,272 deaths from COVID-19; and 8,256 new cases were registered

The Ministry of Health reported that Colombia reached 974,139 cases of COVID-19, with 8,256 new infections. The number of deaths reached 29,272, with 170 deaths in the last 24 hours. Those recovered are already 876,731. 49,781 tests were processed (PCR: 25,323 and Antigen: 24,458).

Senator María del Rosario Guerra tested positive for COVID-19

In a brief statement, the Senator of the Democratic Center, María del Rosario Guerra announced that she tested positive for COVID-19. The congresswoman said she is in good health, and assured that she will remain in isolation “and with all the biosecurity protocols.”

Salvatore Mancuso will appear before the Truth Commission for the first time

The Truth Commission confirmed that Salvatore Mancuso will attend virtually before the Commission in the meeting for the truth of the indigenous peoples during the armed conflict, a diligence that will become his first presence before the transitional justice system derived from the agreements of peace with the Farc. Rodrigo Londoño, president of the FARC party, will also participate in the meeting.

“We even left the blanket”: victim of displacement before the Truth Commission

Before the JEP Recognition Room, several of the leaders of the 167 families that were displaced by the Farc in the department of Caquetá in 2002, told how the 15th front of the extinct guerrilla forced them to abandon the lands where they lived. .

JEP “concerned” about the non-approval of more resources to function

The Special Peace Jurisdiction expressed its concern that it will not receive an additional $ 30,014 million for its operation, after that proposal was outside the national budget approved for 2021 in Congress.

Before the OAS, the Government assures that transitional justice continues to act independently

Foreign Minister Claudia Blum intervened before the General Assembly of the OAS and assured that the country continues to implement the policy of ‘Peace with legality’, even in the midst of the health emergency. In addition, he referred to the work that transitional justice has been carrying out, and thanked the support of the Mission to support the peace process, MAPP OEA.

Víctor Maldonado renounced his Colombian nationality

One of the brains of the stock market crash of the Premium Fund of the commission agent Interbolsa, renounced his Colombian nationality. Maldonado, who is in Spain, initiated the procedures before the Foreign Ministry, and his attorneys, to avoid appearing as Colombian.

Ministry of Transportation bets that in 2028 Bogotá will be able to enjoy the Metro

In her most recent statements, the Minister of Transportation, Angela María Orozco, said that since Tuesday, the terms began to run for the respective concessionaire to build and put into operation the first Metro line in the capital of the Republic. In its explanation, the transport portfolio assured that the contract will be developed in three stages, of which the first will take place in 27 months, the second in 57 months and the third in six months.

Constructors of Aquarela question the concept of the National Legal Defense Agency

After the National Agency for Legal Defense of the State suggested to the Cartagena Mayor’s Office to proceed with the demolition of the controversial Aquarela housing tower, which would be causing an impairment to the visual of the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the builders of that building questioned in that concept and even classified it as biased.

The number of companies created increased in the third quarter: Confecámaras

During the third quarter of the year, and according to figures from Confecámaras, the creation of companies in Colombia returned to positive territory, increasing by 2.9% compared to the same period of the previous year. The creation of new companies went from 82,371 units between July and September 2019 to 84,724 between July and September 2020. An encouraging outlook is observed, if one takes into account that in the second quarter of the year this indicator decreased 11%.

Minagricultura announced relief for $ 30,000 million to help small paper farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture, informed that understanding the difficult situation that potato growers are going through, due to the price situation and oversupply caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it decided to have 30,000 million pesos to advance the Marketing Support Program of Potato in Fresh, which consists of paying direct economic compensation to small producers of the tuber.

The debts that users had with Electricaribe must be paid: Superservices

The superintendent of Domiciliary Public Services, Natasha Avendaño García, made a call this Tuesday to the subscribers of the seven departments of the Caribbean coast that have bills in arrears with the previous electric power operator, Electricaribe, to catch up on their accounts through the collection executed by the new providers, Afinia and Air-e.

Banco de la República presented progress of the Amira de la Rosa Theater project

In a virtual meeting, the manager of the Banco de la República, Juan José Echavarría, presented to the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, the progress of the Special Management and Protection Plan (PEMP) of the Amira de la Rosa Theater.

Charges against the governor of Putumayo

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation obtained the judicialization of the governor of Putumayo, Buanerges Florencio Rosero Peña, as allegedly responsible for irregularities and cost overruns detected in a contract of April 1, 2020 for the purchase of 10 medicalized ambulances for the department, for $ 3,460. 634,610 to attend the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tenth Judge of Cartagena refuses to marry a couple of women

The Tenth Civil Judge of Cartagena, Ramiro Eliseo Flórez Torres, once again refused to marry two women who requested it since last August. Now the lawyer alleges that he is prevented from hearing a guardianship ruling that ordered him to review the marriage application again because he criminally denounced the women applicants for the union and their lawyer.

Prosecutor’s Office announces follow-up of works to prevent flooding in the Magdalena

Attorney Fernando Carrillo announced through his Twitter account that in the face of the delicate situation that the Salamina – El Piñón road crosses in the Magdalena River, caused by coastal erosion that threatens to flood large areas of land, he will be very aware of the commitments that acquired some entities of the national order to attend the emergency.

Invías will make an investment for more than $ 183,000 million in San Gil – Santander

The National Highways Institute reported that it is progressing in the construction works of 9.7 km of new road that make up the San Gil bypass in the department of Santander, confirming in passing that thanks to an investment of 183,000 million pesos it will also execute works to the construction of a bridge over the Fonce river, with a length of 360 meters, and the Las Lajas viaduct, of 435 meters.

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