What innovations in the company fail to achieve


Implementing innovations on a large scale is not what many companies are capable of doing. Why a distinction needs to be made between innovation generation and innovation creation.

the inability of many companies to implement large-scale innovations prevents them from taking full advantage of the enormous potential of future technologies – even though they are now more dependent than ever on it. This is clear from the new study by the Capgemini Research Institute “Scaling Innovation – What’s the Big Idea?” which explains why most innovations are not successfully rolled out.


Olivier Hervé, Head of Strategy at Capgemini Invent, sums up the results as follows: “Scaling innovation must be treated as a separate discipline within the innovation journey, because it is fundamentally different. It has its own challenges and is typically located in a business unit of a company that is completely separate from the idea-finding process, scaling also requires a different way of thinking and other skills. By treating scaling as a specific and unique discipline, introducing proper governance, and building a culture that is willing to make tough decisions to scale innovation, companies can do so at a speed and certainty that competitors find difficult to keep up with.”

In 2019, around ‘300 billion dollars were invested in nearly 32,000 venture capital operations worldwide. [1] Inventors around the world filed 3.3 million patent applications the year before, 5 percent more than in the previous year and after a continuous increase over nine years in a row. [2] The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the need for innovation and renewal: 68 percent of executives said they have accelerated existing transformation initiatives. [3] Nevertheless, the ability to scale innovation is still in its infancy, as many organizations fail to reap the rewards of big bets on innovation. According to the study, the effect and value of such innovations arise, but not through the idea itself or experiments. Instead, companies that scale and implement innovation on a large scale benefit from faster business development and long-term competitive advantage.

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