What is a Content Marketing Software?


The attraction and retention of possible consumers of our brand through original content, is the reason for the Content Marketing or  Content Marketing . What if we could make the process of marketing this content easier? Well, it is possible; A Content Marketing Software is a platform that simplifies the creation, distribution and measurement of results, all through a single tool.

“A content marketing software will allow you and your team to collaborate and plan your content marketing strategy in a professional and optimized way” JP De Clerk Founder of i-SCOOP


Developing and executing a content strategy, with information that captures readers, becomes an easier task for companies thanks to content software. These tools are used by marketing teams to optimize and manage the creation, distribution, monitoring and sources through which this content is shared .

Key benefits of a Content Marketing Software

By using content software companies can:

Create content that is clear, persuasive and aligned with your brand identity and message.

Organize ideas, deadlines, tasks, and planning all in one place.

Segment the content according to the audiences that you consider relevant.

Develop an efficient workflow so that your content team is within or independent of the company.

content marketing software

Do you need a Content Marketing Software?

The answer is very simple: if you want to do it well and have a unique vision of the customer that allows you to reach better and convince them before, during and after the purchase, you certainly need to integrate with other platforms. While processes, acceptance and internal commitment are key, content marketing software is a must to optimize efforts.

How to increase my sales with Content Marketing

Many companies use smaller content marketing software platforms, with fewer features than very feature-specific enterprise-grade solutions, and that’s fine if it works, and if your business isn’t ready or equipped for a content marketing strategy. .

A software content marketing can improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts depending on the way the company is able to use it . The collaboration between the team and the tool will only work if the process is simple and clear, and if the platforms are used well. Remember that technology is an enabler.

For example, in the infographic below, you will be able to see which of the phases that make up a Content Marketing Plan are efficiently achieved when using marketing platforms at the business level.

content marketing software 3

Similarly, there are content marketing platforms whose focus is on optimizing it. In these cases, some experts have also shown positive results by supporting their Content Marketing strategies on platforms of this type.

Some of the best Content Marketing Software

Percolate: Percolate is recommended as a practical way to integrate social media efforts in the 2015 “Social Relationship Platforms” report from technology analytics firm Forrester Research. The firm designates this platform as “leader” in the category. “The platform has the best workflows and content creation tools in its class,” says the firm in its report.   

NewsCred – Founded in 2008, it is set out to help brands find content to accomplish their marketing efforts by connecting brands with freelance writers. They currently have as clients brands such as Barclays, CISCO, NASDAQ, Pepsi or Toyota to name just a few. Its CEO Shafqat Islam describes the company’s approach as “SaaS platform plus a marketplace” where brands can use the software to plan and manage their content marketing campaigns and also use the marketplace to find the content they need.

Kapost: this marketing tool organizes the content of your Content Marketing strategies, transforming it into a structured business process; manages the entire process including planning (person / stages in which they buy), ideation, production (marketing schedule, workflows and approvals), distribution and analysis. It also organizes all content regardless of type, including emails, landing pages, blogs, white papers, e-books, infographics, videos, and social media.

Success story when implementing a Content Marketing Software

1 Randstad case

Founded in the Netherlands in 1960, Randstad has grown to become the second largest recruitment company in the world. However, in 2015 your website had a high volume of traffic, but a low search engine ranking; They offered visitors attractive content to download, but they didn’t have an effective way to capture and captivate leads.

The first thing his Global Content Manager did with the HubSpot content marketing platform was create characters, so that Randstad could understand his different visitors and then serve the content they wanted to read when they wanted it.

Randstad, realized that the marketing of the entrance to his website would be crucial for his future growth. After six months of working with HubSpot creating personalized content for each visitor, the company increased the number of leads on by four times .

2 Visa Case

Visa Europe is one of the best established competitors in the region in the payment method business. The company wanted to position itself as an industry leader and reach high-level professionals in the payment technology industry within continental Europe. Due to the high volume of competition, they decided to implement Newscreed , one of the content software options available to large companies.

The solution provided by this content marketing software was to host content curated with a license that focused its attention on the evolution of payments within Europe. The microsite features content from leading publishers such as The Daily Telegraph , VentureBeat, and The Economist. Visa Europe would then be more dedicated to its readers, through calls to action such as social follow buttons and sign-up newsletters.

3 MasterCard case

This important company in the payment methods sector, sponsors some of the largest sports and entertainment events in the world. When they began designing their marketing campaign for the 2015 open golf championship, their team needed a system to more efficiently create and distribute content to their regional teams and partner agencies across the tournament globally.

The company decided to opt for Percolate content software and thus systematize its campaign planning process globally, centralize its digital assets , approve and publish creative content in real time, as well as analyze campaign performance during and after the campaign. tournament.

You will be wondering about the results obtained; After implementing content software in their digital campaigns, MasterCard reached markets that they had not been able to reach, saved time and money and perfected the content to distribute, improving engagement with their target audience. They were able to reach more and better to their consumers.

“We activated seamlessly in three regions and six markets, saving time, money and being more committed and a stronger brand thanks to Percolate. Jay Mandel – VP of Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard


Before selecting content marketing software, remember to take the time to fully understand your current content strategy and how it aligns with your business goals; if it does, using these tools will help you more efficiently achieve these goals once you have identified the functionalities you want to have in your chosen software.

We gave you the pros and cons of using or not using content marketing software; Does it sound silly to make it easy to achieve good content marketing? A content software has the purpose of helping businesses organize their ideas, campaigns and especially the content.

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