What is a Employment and professional integration adviser: definition and role



Orientation, integration, reintegration. The employment and professional integration adviser informs, advises and helps to solve difficulties related to various aspects of professional life (job search, career choice, labor market, etc.). It is aimed at a variety of audiences for individual or collective interviews.

In individual support, he supports the person in the development of his personal and professional project. It helps them to take stock of their educational and professional background as well as their needs, expectations and goals. The counselor guides the person in his reflection in order to identify avenues, to estimate his ability to take training, to assess whether the job corresponds to him or to identify possible obstacles to employment. He then accompanies him in procedures such as the creation of registration files for training, the choice of an integration mechanism, the realization of a skills assessment, the creation of a curriculum vitae, preparation to a job interview, etc. He is mobilized to help the person find a job,to develop skills through training and to develop job search skills.

The integration counselor also prepares and leads information sessions for groups or collective workshops that address training systems and the procedures to be followed. It supports these groups in their integration journeys.

Employment and professional integration adviser

Main missions

  • Analyze the issues
  • Create a stimulating and interactive climate
  • Listening carefully, listening actively
  • Facilitate expression
  • Develop consultation
  • Manage your emotions
  • Carry out a socio-professional assessment
  • Respect ethics
  • Respect people’s beliefs and convictions
  • Develop contacts with institutional partners

Technical skills

  • Knowledge of human resources management
  • Knowledge of personal development
  • knowledge of psychology

Personal qualities

  • Sense of hearing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ease of communication
  • Open mind
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Method and rigor

Hierarchic reattachment

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