What is a financial analyst and what are their main opportunities in the world of work


Finance is word of mouth every day: the stock market, the economy, etc. and more and more companies are demanding jobs with this professional profile . But what exactly is a financial analyst? What are the main financial outlets for the world of work?

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  • What is a financial analyst?
  • What is the profile of the financial analyst?
  • How are the financial analyst job offers?
  • Why is it important to specialize in finance?
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Banks may seem the only job option for this professional profile, but every day more companies offer job opportunities within the digital business field. Do you want to know how? We will tell you.  

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The financial analyst

The financial analyst is in charge of analyzing and studying the financial news of the company , in order to set the interest in profitability, liquidity and the risk that the company assumes in the purchase process. In short, it is in charge of analyzing and planning the financing of the company.

Businesses need an analyst who takes care of very important responsibilities and functions that contribute to business growth.

Roles and responsibilities of the financial analyst:

  • Analysis of the financial state of the company, that is, the business, economic and industrial conditions.
  • Preparation of financial reports and graphs for constant analysis.
  • Study the data collected and investment programs: performance, price, stability … and develop the company’s action plans to boost investments.
  • Keep a constant track of the constant movements of the economy; through balance sheets and reports.

This constant analysis of the market and the company’s investments allows the analyst to project the company into the future and drive changes towards success. The market is in constant flux and ignoring this fact can make a business’s financial plan obsolete and lag behind the competition.

Profile of the financial analyst?

The profile that financial analyst companies demand does not require a specific degree, but it does require specialized financial knowledge such as: accounting, general economics, finance, mathematics, a high level of English, business vision and the ability to analyze.

Among financial analysts, the most common training is Business, Economic or Business Administration and Management . According to a study carried out by Infojobs , 37% of these experts also have a course in finance or accounting and / or a specialized master’s degree in finance.

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The salaries of a financial analyst position vary depending on the experience and responsibility of the position but normally ranges between € 25,000 and € 60,000, always counting on a progressive increase in salary annually.

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Financial Analyst Job Offers

The constant market change and increased competition have created new business opportunities within the finance sector. For these job offers, companies with objectives such as growth are born from financial needs, these are some of the most demanded jobs in the finance sector:

Financial analyst : must analyze and plan the financing of the company. He is the financial manager of the company and must focus on profitability, liquidity and the risk assumed by the company.

Banking: financial institutions are looking for experts who design commercial and financial marketing strategies that allow them to compete and grow new market niches.

Financial controller: these experts control and supervise the entire financial part of the company. This professional applies financial management control globally and must drive the engine of change through financing.

“Financial” Big Data: new technologies together with digitization means a huge increase in the volume of data in financial activity. From an analytical perspective, a Big Data position is necessary that collaborates and contributes to the management of financial data.

Experts in merger and acquisition: the constant update of the market presents opportunities than with other companies that can contribute to the business success of both parties.

Risk manager: within finance, taking risks should be an opportunity over problems. This vision allows to carry out financing or indebtedness operations for making strategic decisions that promote business growth.

Insurance: investment and risk management requires the control and provision of funds that finance the company in case of losses.

Why it is important to specialize in finance

New technologies have been ahead of the capacity of financial markets, surprising with new payment methods and applications that provide security to financial processes.

For this reason, companies need professionals capable of designing and supervising the work within  the treasury, taxation, costs, financial markets , along with the latest  applications of “Fintech” in financial management.

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