What is a Head of gas or electricity network operation: definition and role



The gas or electricity network operations manager maintains the management of operations and maintenance interventions with respect to the network. Likewise, the network operations manager controls the planning of the work carried out in the territory for which he is responsible. Whether it is a short or medium term job, the network operations manager is present throughout the performance of the mission linked to the network (Investment, repair, etc.). In this regard, the network operations manager plans the project action plan for new structures, for example.

Then, the network operations manager carries out technical studies such as the extension of networks linked to investment projects such as the construction of works. In addition, the network operations manager establishes a diagnosis of network performance. Subsequently, it offers advantages in order to guarantee a good level of performance at the network level.

On the other hand, the network operations manager draws up the capital budget, notifies the human and material resources required and controls the allocation of resources.
In this perspective, the network operations manager must ensure that the procedures initiated are appropriate to the regulations and security standards determined by the various stakeholders.
On the other hand, the person in charge of operating the network (gas or electricity) must have essential technical skills to identify the risks associated with the lawn and electricity networks. For example, in the gas sector, the network operations manager is sometimes faced with the risk of a leak or an explosion which requires immediate and rapid intervention. Since the main mission of a network operations manager is to maintain the smooth running of operations in complete safety.

However, the implications of the person in charge of network operations (gas or electricity) vary according to the size of the organization he integrates. For example, in small structures, the network operations manager also takes charge of the purchasing policy, the marketing operation, the choice of suppliers, etc.

Main missions

The missions of a network operations manager ( gas or electricity) are:

  • Pilot and ensure the implementation of the action plan.
  • Develop a pre-excellence plan in order to ensure the continuation of the supply of electricity or gas.
  • Watch over operations and maintenance on the network.
  • Identify network-related problems to ensure service continuity.
  • Prepare communication actions related to the various events on the network (outages, etc.) .
  • Draw up the network protection plan and operating agreements

Technical skills

  • Technical skills in the fields of electricity or gas networks.
  • Knowledge of safety regulations, standards and procedures.
  • Proficiency in databases and computer applications.

Personal qualities

  • Sense of anticipation.
  • Sense of organization.
  • Rigor.

Hierarchic reattachment

Director of operations

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