What is a Industrialization manager: definition and role



The industrialization manager is responsible for planning the technical methods adopted by the company relating to the manufacture of products. In addition, the identification of the necessary means throughout the manufacturing process of a new product. Likewise, the industrialization manager maintains compliance with the specifications determined by the company as well as the standards relating to the sector of activity.
In this capacity, the industrialization manager cooperates in the development of methods and action plans concerning production as well as the planning of specifications.
Then, the industrialization manager guarantees the effectiveness of the technical choices adopted at the manufacturing level, either for goods or for products. Then, he verifies the industrial feasibility of these methods by performing tests against manufacturing.
Also, the industrialization manager maintains a permanent watch and identifies any dysfunctions, whether at the level of processes or at the level of supply flows,etc. In this context, its role is to resolve technical problems as quickly as possible in order to ensure that the established deadlines are met.

In this vein, the industrialization manager also takes care of training and informing teams of technicians (production, quality and maintenance) . In addition, he maintains a technical watch to the staff under his responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the production process. Subsequently, the industrialization manager contributes to the choice of suppliers and checks the investment requests necessary for industrialization and guarantee the profitability of the manufacturing processes.
Relative to his mission, the industrialization manager aims to acquire results ( economic , technical, quality, etc. ) . In this perspective, the industrialization manager takes charge of modifying existing processes or innovating new methods and technico-economic tools linked to manufacturing processes. The goal is to optimize production costs in line with the vision of the structure for which he works.

Main missions

In general, the tasks of an industrial manager consist of:

  • Develop the action plan related to the manufacture of a product.
  • Manage the team of technicians.
  • Identify and resolve any dysfunctions that arise.
  • Ensure a technological and regulatory watch.

Technical skills

  • Mastery of software required (CFAO, GPAO-CMMS).
  • Mastery of audit techniques.
  • Have management and management skills.

Personal qualities

  • Rigor.
  • Adaptability.
  • Sense of listening and communication.

Hierarchic reattachment

Director of Technical Services
Director Production Director

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