What is a Organic production manager: definition and role



The organic production manager takes care of the planning and management of the manufacturing process of an organic product, or just a part depending on the size of the company he joins. In this regard, the organic production manager contributes to the definition of the company’s strategic objectives. Likewise, the organic production manager is responsible for determining the technical requirements on the one hand. And the requirements in terms of human resources and subsequently he conducts training for new production operators on the other hand.

Subsequently, the organic production manager interprets the objectives of his unit into an action plan. Then, the organic production manager manages the extension of the flow of the operation and ensures the availability of materials and materials necessary for production.
At the same time, the organic production manager checks alternately that the techniques are used effectively in order to achieve the set objectives. In addition, maintenance of compliance with manufacturing standards, hygiene and safety rules. However, in the event of a transfer of a new production or during the modification of an existing process, the organic production manager contributes to the surveys and analyzes to identify the risks. Subsequently, the organic production manager takes charge of the readjustment of the production schedule. Moreover, it is the organic production manager who writes the documents relating to the actions carried out during the operation.
Again, in order to avoid any malfunctions or jokes in the production of organic products, the organic production manager reacts in an innovative way.  P uis , develops new methods relying on his knowledge of the products and processes. Regarding the requirements of his mission, the organic production manager constantly monitors the teams working under his responsibility, works in close collaboration with the other departments in order to meet the determined deadlines and maintains the reputation of the company.

Main missions

The main missions of the organic production manager consist of:

  • Establish in collaboration with the logistics planning coordinator the monthly production program.
  • Administer the members of his unit and inform them about the objectives, problems, performance indicators… Etc.
  • Management of production and treatment of deviations / deviations
  • Coordinate information to the parties concerned to within  the structure.

Technical skills

  • Notions on the manufacturing of biotechnological production.
  • Knowledge of safety rules.
  • Mastery of computerized production systems.
  • Notions in management and management.

Personal qualities

  • Rigor
  • Organization


Hierarchic reattachment

Production manager Production
manager Industrial manager

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