What is Conversational Marketing and how is the relationship between users and businesses changing?


Have you ever considered the power that a conversation can have ? At least in the case of digital marketing, it turns out that a lot. As we embrace new technologies and the digital world becomes our everyday world, we value personal treatment and the human side of business. In this context, a new digital marketing model is born. Here we explain what Conversational Marketing is and how to apply it in your company .

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Index of contents:

  • What is Conversational Marketing?
  • Benefits of Conversational Marketing for your company
  • How to implement Conversational Marketing

Index of contents

What is Conversational Marketing?

As the name implies, Conversational Marketing is a model focused on conversations with users . Real-time conversations that accelerate the passage of your leads through the conversion funnel and add value to consumers through personalized treatment, instead of asking them to fill out a form and wait to be contacted.

By using tools like live chats or chatbots , your marketing department can instigate genuine conversations that result in closer and more realistic relationships with users . You can automate the lead qualification process, asking the same qualification questions that your sales team would ask. Thus, your business can grow while saving time and resources .

What is Conversational Marketing and how it is changing the relationship between users and businesses - Community Manager Manual 2

Benefits of Conversational Marketing for your company

Conversational Marketing is a very effective way to create authentic experiences for your users . This has a triple benefit: on the one hand you can get more leads with less effort , in addition these leads will be of better quality and with this personalized treatment they will be more likely to convert, and finally, you can get loyal customers who will feel heard and satisfied

This model gives you the perfect opportunity to develop your Brand Voice . By interacting with your users, you will be able to put your communication strategies to the test and you will get a new channel to bring out the personality of your brand. 

As we have already mentioned, this type of interaction helps you convert leads faster. It also means an improvement in the user experience , which leads to an increase in engagement . There is nothing better than having a community of loyal users who are enthusiastic about your brand and everything it offers.

Conversations with your users allow you to capture a large amount of information about them. So you can learn about their pains and preferences and adjust your strategies to their needs. In addition, this type of marketing adapts very well to mobile use , which is becoming more and more relevant. An example of this application is Domino’s, which allows you to place an order by sending a pizza emoji by SMS. From there, a chatbot asks the user questions to get the specific information of the order.

Texting and chatting work because they’re easy, quick, informal (more than email), and closer to face-to-face conversation. Therefore, they make people feel closer to the company and that they can contact you to solve doubts and problems at any time.

Finally, Conversational Marketing can also be integrated with voice search , a trend that is also growing, but in this case it works very well because nothing is closer to a real conversation than when it is spoken.

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How to implement Conversational Marketing

Reduced to the simplest, a Conversational Marketing strategy consists of the following:

  • Respond promptly
  • Understand what the user needs
  • Recommend the best option
  • Repeat : listening has to be constant so that users always feel cared for.

Choose the best places to use bots and live chats carefully, where do they best fit your brand? What are the most popular areas of your business?

Combine Conversational Marketing with traditional marketing methods. Although they are not the newest, they are still useful. Where one does not arrive, the other arrives .

You can implement Conversational Marketing in your email marketing campaigns to send personalized information to specific segments, such as a survey where you ask them to identify their pains or priorities to take them into account. This information will serve you in your next marketing campaigns.

The information you get allows you to make a detailed map of your Customer Journey and plan accordingly. If you can anticipate the needs of your customers, you will be able to serve them more efficiently.

Be human and talk to your users person to person . This is the key to this type of marketing. It’s about giving humanity back, so you can’t forget it along the way. Even if it is a bot that talks to users, make sure they receive a close and personalized treatment . Also, remember that even if part of the process is automated, there has to be a human being who interacts with the customer at some point.

Think about the user experience . Create a simple, easy and fast process that meets your expectations. The more fluid, the more effective. The great advantage is that the users themselves tell you what they want in the conversations, you just have to listen and act .

You can also implement Conversational Marketing in customer service . And the more you diversify it, the better. Use the phone, live chats, customer service accounts on social networks or a chat in an app. The easier it is to contact you , the more likely it is that users will.

Don’t forget to experiment . Things change and no matter how good your system is, it won’t benefit from getting stuck. Try new things and adapt to what you find works best.

Finally, look for data analysis tools that help you manage the information you get through conversations with users. This will also help you streamline the process.

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