What is Link Building? Strategies to Position your Web


Within the fundamentals of web positioning or SEO there are various mechanisms that, used together, can achieve impressive results in digital marketing issues , link building is the generation of links as an efficient marketing method

By creating marketing strategies, the practice of “link building”, allows increasing user traffic to a specific web page, in a simple and fast way.


What is link building?

Link building is the strategic process of accumulating hyperlinks to your pages from other websites, to improve the positioning and increase the traffic of your own website; thus attracting new users.

The so-called link builders are responsible for building external links on the web at an “Off page” level.

To later introduce them in sites with a greater flow of internal users, allowing these netizens to be transferred from one page to the other.

The more links are edited and created, directing traffic to our website, the greater our popularity on the net and in turn, the greater our positioning.

The most popular search engines on the web use links to locate the different pages on the web.

Therefore, it is essential that within our web domain there are internal links and external links.

So that in this way the search engines can locate it more effectively.

Importance of link building

Link building is an important element within the digital marketing areas.

Being a tool that can help put our web domain in the first places of digital search engines and increase user traffic from another page.

Since the links are created, they begin to be a fundamental part of web positioning,

Being edited so that they look natural and of quality, making them attractive for different users.

In addition, the algorithm of the most popular search engines on the web usually determines the content of a site as valuable by analyzing a series of requirements.

Among which is the number of links linked to our page.

The machines in charge of operating the search engines cannot rate the content of our website according to the quality level

So to determine what the value of the content is, they check the number of linked links on our sites.

Therefore, the higher quality of links we maintain on our website, the higher the positioning that search engines like Google will give us and, in turn, we will increase user traffic to the page.

Now, although this web positioning strategy works very well, there are certain links that despite being created correctly will not be of much use.

Among them are:

  • Links that link our page with content not related to ours.
  • links that appear simultaneously on many sites
  • Links that appear on news sites or pages with general content, instead of centralized content or on the same subject as ours.
  • Links from an international website directed to a regional or local site
  • Links from a page with a content structure different from that of our web portal
  • Links on our site that do not add value to our content

Not carrying out these specifications, we will be able to make a good link bulding, so productive and efficient that it catapults our web positioning, in an organic and effective way.

In short, among the benefits of link building are:

  • Higher positioning of a web domain among the most popular search engines.
  • Increase in user traffic to a website.

How does link building work?

The creation of links works under the parameters established primarily by Google.

The Internet tycoon bases his link positioning on a series of variations that each link found on our website must have.

Which will determine the level of quality that, Google will assume , maintains the site to place it in a good number within the pagerank.

That is, if we place the links on our website on a site that Google has high quality standards, the higher the traffic and the positioning we will achieve in it.

Now, there are several ways in which we can generate links that direct traffic to our website.

Although some are more effective than others, the important thing is to define a strategy to do it effectively and without errors.

To do this, two fundamental aspects must be taken into account for the development of link building practices:

  1. Create quality links
  2. Define that the origin of the links is from a website related to the theme of the site we want to promote.

Having identified both requirements, we can begin to use the different link building strategies on our website.

How to use the technique to get more traffic?

Although there are several ways in which we can carry out an effective link building, there are 3 that, in short, have achieved optimal and fast results:

1. Press and link building

The content of our website is one of the ways to attract users from any point of view, therefore, having journalists and bloggers in charge of writing relevant articles for our online portal can give us excellent results.

A link from a recognized portal, would help us to significantly increase our Rank in search engines, because these renowned sites do not generate traffic for free, but must be offered a beneficial agreement for both parties.

   2. The ABC of link building

One of the basic ways in creating links is the use of your own tools such as: YouTube channels, Facebook accounts or our blogs, they are decisive to use a good link building.

Through these platforms we can implement links linked to our website to attract direct traffic without any type of intermediary, so we must question whether we have inserted links in our profiles or descriptions on social networks.

3.  Indirect link building

Also known as “Link baiting”, indirect links allow us to use relevant and attractive content to capture the attention of users, so to speak, a kind of bait on incoming links.

This mechanism is frequently used in social media , using share buttons and other interactive modalities that allow us to redirect traffic to our website in an effective way.

By carrying out this methodology – the use of link building within our marketing strategies for our website – we will be sure of having achieved a good position within the Google Ranking.

Examples and success stories

Building tends to be a bit treacherous when we don’t use its techniques correctly.

But if all the steps required to execute good link building are carried out, the results can be very beneficial.

One of the most accurate examples of this issue is the social network Facebook which, in addition to being one of the portals with the highest traffic in the world, its positioning is so valuable to the point that just by typing the phrase “Face” in a search engine, the first result will be the direct link to this website.

In addition to offering advertising services with link buttons, sharing options and adding links to the posts we make on the web.

This same example is applicable on sites like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, which in turn have a high pagerank within Google.

Another clear example of the use of link building on the web that we can visualize is found in the so-called “Youtubers”, those influencers who use the platform to upload videos that obtain a high number of views and interactions.

It is usual for these millennials to post their videos and in their descriptions they place a direct link to another video uploaded to the platform or to their personal blog, to get their video traffic to go directly to another link.

This term is known as “video marketing” and it is used so frequently that it has positioned more than one website very well.

There is also a trick that, despite being a bit controversial in terms of its results, is still feasible as an example of a successful link building, is the use of guest blogging.

Guest blogs allow users to use valuable links on the web to get higher traffic from internal users.

Although many pages implemented nofollow links that restrict the use of guest blogger posts, even so, finding a website that allows us to use their links without limitations would be delivering valuable content.

The truth is that using any of these examples or carrying out the most demanding strategies, link building is still an excellent positioning tool with high success rates.

And to show a button, here we show you just some success stories of the use of link building:


The Booking website is a platform aimed at passionate travelers, people and companies who want to know tourist information from anywhere in the world in an interactive and simple way.

It maintains a page rank of 10 and is currently considered the most visited travel website in the world.

Which places it among the 50 most visited pages on the entire internet.

This site gets millions of visits per month, mostly derived from the use of external and internal links.

They are strategically located on allied pages to achieve a constant flow of users.

In addition to advertising websites of hotel chains, restaurants, airlines and other topics in order with the page.

The creation of links has allowed Booking to link the information on its site with other websites with similar content.

The country

The news portal of the newspaper “El País” in Spain has become a very popular website within the digital world of the Internet, receiving more than 98 thousand visits every month, this site has managed to place itself as one of the best positioned among the search engines.

The use of link building as an SEO strategy has been fundamental in the growth of this website, because the news that is reviewed within its content is a reference for other sites that are dedicated to the informative task.

In turn, when entering the site we can see link sharing options that allow us to publish your content on our social networks and click on a direct link button that does not lead to a page linked to this famous news portal in Spanish.


The Paypal remittance portal allows its users to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Surely many of us have ever worked with the functions that the platform offers us.

The truth is that this popular website has an incredible management of link building within its content, by offering not only link options, but also link buttons designed so that they can be placed on our personal website and that our users make a payment to us .

In addition to having an excellent group of allies who, for the sake of mutual benefit, add Paypal links so that their traffic goes to the web directly.


In short, the creation of links since their appearance has been one of the greatest guarantees of success in web positioning, due to its effectiveness and speed.

Taking extreme care in the content of our website and generating quality links , we will be able to guide our sites in a fast and stable way within the most popular search engines of this so-called “digital age”.

Link building is here to stay and boy has it succeeded! allowing us to market our brand, website or product together to the main Internet sites.

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