What is Moonshot Thinking and how can you apply it to your projects to succeed


If you Google “moonshot”, you can find two definitions in English: “the act or instance of sending a spacecraft to the moon,” on the one hand, and “a home run characterized by its great height.” However you look at it, this is such an exceptional event that for a long time the term has been used to refer to something impossible. In the business world, things are changing, and the word has taken on a positive connotation. Below we explain what Moonshot Thinking is and how to apply it in your company.

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What is Moonshot Thinking?

The expression “shoot for the moon” in English means “shoot the moon.” It means that you set your sights on a great goal, however distant or unaffordable it may seem. Even if you fall short, you may have reached the stratosphere , something you could not have achieved with your feet planted on the ground. 

The Moonshot is that radical action substantiated, a “shot at the moon.” The idea of betting on the unimaginable and achieving stratospheric success . Don’t be intimidated by the impossible. 

The Moonshot philosophy takes reality as something flexible, malleable. Things have changed before, and they can change again . There was a time when the idea of ​​flying through the air on a winged machine would have seemed crazy. Now traveling by plane has become commonplace.

A few years ago the moon seemed impossible. Now, humanity has not only reached the moon, but we are feeling the surface of Mars. The current state of affairs doesn’t have to limit your creative thinking. The world has changed when someone has dared to think that it could be different . Say, why not?

Why is Moonshot Thinking essential for your company?

Now that you know what Moonshot Thinking is, are you beginning to see the possibilities that this can have within a company? The Moonshot mentality invites you to experiment and lose your fear of failure . Something very healthy for creativity. 

Ideas are hard to encourage in an environment where mistakes pay dearly. Originality needs uncertainty . Doing something that hasn’t been done before means you have little guarantee of success. To stand out, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

That does not mean that you have to launch into any project without order or concert. Thinking things through, and planning to the extent that you can plan never hurts, especially when you risk a lot. But when you are faced with a big problem, conventional solutions are often not very effective .

That’s where it makes sense to think in terms of Moonshots, big time, to come up with innovative and disruptive solutions . Unlikely ideas, with little chance of working, but that if they did, could change the world.


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What is a Moonshot project?

We already know what Moonshot Thinking is, but what does a Moonshot project consist of?

A Moonshot project is one that aspires to achieve great results. A creative and original project that breaks traditional schemes and seeks to innovate.

The positive spirit of Moonshot Thinking leads companies to develop a new mindset among their workers. It is intended to encourage this type of project to solve problems in a radical way .

Getting these projects to completion requires new ideas and advanced technology. It is a new way of working in which people work side by side as a team. The difference between this and other projects is that Moonshot projects do not seek to achieve profitability. Much more is at stake.

They say that when you are working on something that you want to do 10% better, you are automatically limiting your creativity. But in the case of developing a Moonshot project, you have more facilities to expand your thinking 10 times than 10%.

How to implement the Moonshot mindset to your projects

The main thing is to create the right space for creativity to flow. A space to experiment freely, eliminating the fear of ruining projects or the company itself, where the most popular ideas can be put to the test and see if they are sustainable .

Creating also requires the right tools . Having access to cutting edge technology is also important. Although a Moonshot usually implies that the necessary technology does not yet exist, there is no reason to limit yourself. If the workers involved in the project have all kinds of tools, they can give free rein to the imagination . In Google’s The Garage they even have sewing machines, although it seems that they are not relevant. 

What is Moonshot Thinking but a way to start the house from the roof? This mindset invites you to think about the outcome first, and then create the technology and conditions that make it possible .

To get rid of even more limits, it is essential to encourage multidisciplinary learning and teamwork between departments , so that professionals from different sectors create together. You never know where the best ideas are going to come from. Sometimes a single person only has one piece of the puzzle and needs others to complete it . That is why diversity is key. 

Setting good metrics and having flexible strategies are important to get a good idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t. And above all remember that there will be many things that do not work , after all they are crazy ideas. But when the goals are so great, no matter how little you advance, you progress .

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