What is Visual Storytelling


Today, a large part of the brands have realized that their products reach customers sooner thanks to the images they publish.

The Visual Storytelling technique consists of generating a feeling to the viewer from the image they are seeing. It is influenced by both the composition of the elements and the message it transmits. More and more companies want to use this marketing technique to better connect with their customers. But what are the essential components of Visual Storytelling?


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Elements that make up visual storytelling

On previous occasions we have delved into the technique of storytelling,  however now we will focus on the power of what the images convey in conjunction with the message.

  • Authenticity . The consumer has to think that what they are seeing is real, their actions, the emotions they give off to feel identified. Visual language changes by leaps and bounds, hence we have to be updated so that our images coincide in time and socio-cultural space.

Example: Naked juices . This brand of juices has wanted to distinguish itself from what is the most conventional advertising and bet on a message that conveys naturalness, as is the case of the human being and the representation of the body as a machine.

What is Visual Storytelling - Naked juice storytelling

  • Cultural relevance . Diversity has to be clearly marked, since more and more societies become multicultural, hence the images already break with any stereotypes marked in the past. In this case, companies have to make an effort to identify their brand with that of the environment they represent.

Example: United Colors of Benetton  is one of the brands that have always opted for messages and campaigns that generate controversy, but that above all make us reflect on how the world is more inter-culturalized every day.

What is Visual Storytelling - benetton storytelling

  • Sensory value . As time goes by, technology is more present in our day to day; hence the fact of being able to transmit artisan values, made by hand. This technique combines nostalgia and tradition, appreciating each of the details and inviting the viewer to be a participant.

Example: IKEA 365  is one of the best cases of visual storytelling campaigns. In this case, it presents 365 products that make your life better, one for each day of the year.

What is Visual Storytelling - ikea 365 storytelling

  • Participative Public . An essential component in storytelling is that people can engage with the brand; Hence, many companies decide that their own clients carry out their marketing strategies.

Example: Meet me at Starbuck s was one of the past campaigns of the large chain of coffee shops that aimed to connect people on a higher level than just meeting for a coffee. Turn into a social event, a simple meeting.

What is Visual Storytelling - starbucks storytelling

  • Classic archetypes of Storytelling . The archetypes established in the stories are still present in our day to day; Even so, as we mentioned previously, the campaigns are betting on changing these roles influenced by cultural change.

Example: FedEx continues to maintain its classic image of being one of the most international courier companies, which is why they intend to strengthen global branding with campaigns like this one.

What is Visual Storytelling - FedEx storytelling

  • Impact message . Although it is not mandatory for a campaign to consist of a message, it is true that to give greater support to the image, a slogan can reach deeper into the public. In most cases this will help people retain the image of the brand.

Example: Coca Cola- Uncover happiness . It has always been one of the brands that has tried to penetrate with messages to its public, and the latter has been one of the most effective for years. The message is simple, they have the formula to uncover happiness.

What is Visual Storytelling - coca cola storytelling

Why implement it in your business strategy?

Knowing how to identify images that are of great relevance is vital for our message to reach the viewer. Let us remember that it is more than necessary to make the storytelling technique relevant to retain the attention of our clients. Learning about narrative techniques and creativity from the Master in Gamification and Transmedia Narrative will be key to reinforcing Visual Storytelling campaigns. Do you have an example? Comment on our wall and don’t stop sharing the article!

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